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FPTC - Advisory Committee

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Community college districts participating in vocational education programs shall appoint a vocational education advisory committee to develop recommendations on the program and to provide liaison between the district and potential employers.

The committee shall consist of one or more representatives of the general public knowledgeable about the educational needs of disadvantaged populations, students, teachers, business, industry, the college administration, and the field office of the Employment Development Department.

Current Fire Protection Committee Advisory Board Members

  • David Brown, MPC Public Safety Training Center Director
  • Jill Cavanaugh, MPC Unit Office Manager Public Safety Training Center
  • Judy Cutting, MPC Dean of Instruction - CTE, Academic Affairs
  • Doug Dirkson, Salinas Fire Department
  • Dan Gearhart, Retired, MPC Adjunct Instructor
  • Matthew Goodwin, CalFire, MPC Assistant Instructor
  • Greg Greenlee, Monterey Fire Department, MPC Adjunct Instructor
  • Brad Hinckley, Retired, MPC Adjunct Instructor
  • Tyler Keisling, Monterey Fire Department, MPC Assistant Instructor
  • Harald Kelley, Retired, MPC Adjunct Instructor
  • Jack Lundgren, Marina Fire Department, MPC Adjunct Instructor
  • Mark Mondragon, CalFire
  • Stewart Roth, PG&E, MPC Adjunct Instructor
  • Colin Smith, CalFire
  • Jason Smith, Monterey Fire Department

Advisory Board Chair – David Brown

Advisory Board Note Taker – Jill Cavanaugh

Advisory Board Dean – Judy Cutting


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