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Career Resources

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Below find some resources to help you identify a career to pursue!

California Career Café - Explore
Connect your Career Director to a Career Goal - Explore California Pathways

California Career Café - Experience
Validate your career choice with "real" world experience.

Who Do You Want To Be?
"Nobody ever told me I could make a living out of this?!" This website has huge insights into career opportunities you may not have thought about. It also has a quiz to help guide you in the right direction as well as a local college locator. (For counselors, students, and educators)

Monterey Bay Career Coach
A powerful tool for accessing information on job titles, education paths, and job market data for the local region.

Next Vista for Learning
Curious about CTE and jobs available with CTE? Come get some insights into the educational path and day-to-day activities of people in CTE careers. 

Explore Careers
Check out the links below for more information on careers that best suit you!
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook
    Employment outlook, training, occupational descriptions, and salary ranges are given for individual occupations.
  • California Career Café: Explore
    Explore 15 major industry sectors in California for information about careers and educational options.
  • California Career Cafe: Get Experience
    Learn about professional organizations, internships, informational interviews and volunteer experiences that will help you gain experience and knowledge about a prospective career.
  • Employment Development Department
    Click on career information to research California employment information
  • University of North Carolina - Wilmington
    This site addresses the question "What Can I Do with a Major"
  • O*NET Online
    Use this site for detailed information about occupations.
  • Eureka
    Please visit the Career/Transfer Resource Center in the Student Services Building to obtain the required Site ID Code to fully access this website.
  • ERI's Career Salary and Cost of Living Calculators
    This web site offers a free salary potential calculator and a cost-of-living calculator for over 7,200 U.S., Canadian and international cities.
  • California Career Zone
    Check this site for career exploration resources and a reality check.
  • TEACH California
    A one-stop information and referral service for individuals considering or pursuing teaching careers in California.
  • Oceans Careers
    If you’re interested in an ocean-related career, this comprehensive site will provide you with current information about career opportunities, training/educational programs, skills needed for various jobs, and more.
  • City Town Info
    The Employment Directory on this site offers comprehensive career information organized by both profession and city location. Explore salaries, number of jobs available, and growth in an area of your choosing.
  • Try Engineering
    Interested in a career in engineering?  Try this site for engineering life profiles, university engineering programs, and online engineering games.
  • Public Safety Career Information
    Interested in a career in public safety?  This site will provide you with information about the various career options available and the training required for each.




Non-Traditional Careers

Career choices do not need to be limited to stereo-types  or preconceived notions of what qualifies as “women’s work” or “men’s work”;  few jobs have requirements that limit employment to one gender.  However, some occupations have traditionally been filled by one gender and currently have fewer  than 25% of the opposite gender and is  therefore considered non-traditional for that 25%--examples would be  female welder or male nurses.

Deciding on a career should include many factors—skills, interests, values, physical demands, required training or education, salary, benefits—to name a few.  When looking at career options, finding  rewarding and interesting jobs may include non-traditional career paths.  Those women who prefer physically active or outdoor  work should explore the trades or technical occupations and those men who want to use social and nurturing skills should  research health care or social services as possible options. Research confirms that long term job satisfaction is based on finding the best match with your particular interests, not choosing careers based on gender stereotypes.

The Career Technical Education (CTE) programs offered at MPC can provide non-traditional opportunities for men and women. According the U.S. Department of Labor, chef, firefighterpolice and auto mechanics are currently listed as non-traditional for women.  Nurse, dental assistant, medical assistant, and child care worker are non-traditional for men.

Documents and links of interest:

  • What Programs Are Non Traditional?
    This document lists all the programs that are non traditional and specifies which gender is non dominant.
  • More Information
    The University of Hawaii has put together a great section on non traditional careers. With information for men or women, facts/myths about non traditional careers, as well as statistics about the trends of men/women in the work force.
  • Behind The Scenes
    This document discusses how non traditional careers are beneficial and why most students are either discouraged from starting programs or do not complete the non traditional programs. (This document is insightful to students, but is intended for educators.)
  • Pros and Cons
    Dr. Randall Hansen discusses the pros and cons of pursuing a non traditional career. There are huge benefits to those with a strong resolve!
  • Women Make Movies
    This website promotes and supports women interested in pursuing a career in media.