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English - Great Books Certificate of Training

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Those who complete the MPC Great Books Program receive a certificate recognizing them as a "Great Book Scholar." This designation aids in transfer and scholarship applications, enhances resumes for future employers, and signifies verbal fluency and cultural literacy.  
Visit the Great Books program home page for or more information about the courses, program faculty, and resources.
Required online course: Units Offered Online
ENGL 5 Introduction to Great Books 3.0
Select at least 12 units from the following online courses: Units Offered Online
ARTH 1  Art Appreciation 3.0  ✓ 
ENGL 9 Great Books and Civil Liberties 3.0
Literature by and About Women
ENGL 16 Shakespeare Visions: Film and Text Comparisons 3.0
ENGL 18 The Bible as Literature 3.0
ENGL 25A Great Books Seminar I 1.0 ✓ 
ENGL 25B Great Books Seminar II 1.0 
ENGL 25C Great Books Seminar III 1.0
Survey of American Literature I

ENGL 44 Survey of World Literature I 3.0
ENGL 45 Survey of World Literature II 3.0
ENGL 46 Survey of British Literature I 3.0
ENGL 47 Survey of British Literature II 3.0
ENGL 49 The Great Novel  3.0 ✓ 
PHIL 2 Introduction to Philosophy 3.0
Introduction to World Religions

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