Library Policies and Regulations

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  • Borrowing Materials

    • Students who wish to borrow materials must show proof that they are currently enrolled.  A library card with a barcode will be issued and this card may be used for as long as the student is enrolled at MPC. 
    • Monterey Peninsula Community College District residents may use the Library by requesting a "community user" card. Check to see if you are eligible. 
    • Library users are required to fill out an MPC Library Borrower Registration Application.  Users must agree to the Monterey Peninsula College Library Policies and Regulations.

    Item Loan Periods


    Audiobooks 3 1 week May be renewed 2x
    Audiocassettes 10 1 week May be renewed 2x
    Books 5 on a subject 3 weeks (or, until the end of the semester for Faculty) May be renewed 2x
    CDs 3, multiple item sets count as 1 CD 1 week May be renewed 2x
    Course Reserves Limits vary per course Instructor designates loan period Usually not renewable
    DVDs 3,  multiple item sets count as 1 DVD 1 week May be renewed 2x
    Reference Materials   Do Not Circulate  
    Videos 3 1 week May be renewed 2x


    • If no one has requested material that you have checked out, you may renew materials for another loan period.
    • Renew materials by bringing them in or by calling 646-4095. Or, log into the online catalog to renew online.
    • Overdue materials cannot be renewed by phone or online.

    Returning Materials

    • Return library materials to the Circulation Desk in the book drop at the end of the counter, or in the book drop located outside the main building doors.  During closed periods, return books to the book drop on the outside wall of the building by the entrance doors.

    Lost Items & Fines

    • You are responsible for items you borrow.  Do not loan them to others.
    • Items are considered lost when they are 30 days overdue.  Lost items will be charged with current replacement cost + a nonrefundable $5.00 processing fee.  
    • Patrons who fail to return library materials or owe $25.00 or more in late fees will have their student records blocked at admissions.  Students will not be able to obtain grades, get transcripts, re-register, or petition to graduate until their library account is cleared.
    • Any user with late fees or lost items over $25.00 may have their computer logon privileges revoked.
    • Outstanding library charges may be deducted from financial aid disbursements.
    • Library charges are non-refundable once they have been paid.
    • Account holders are responsible for knowing their account status and fine balance.
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  • Bulletin Board & Electronic Display

    Only materials that are generated by the MPC Administration, Academic Departments, Library, Programs, (or other MPC related group) or Government Public Documents are placed on the Library Bulletin Board.  Approval for posting may be given by the reference librarian or submitted to the DOM.  Digital files must be submitted/emailed to the DOM for consideration for posting to the electronic display.
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  • Cell Phone Policy

    • To provide an environment that is welcoming and conducive to study, we ask you to keep your cell phone rings and conversations brief and at a low level.
    • Cell phone usage is allowed only on the main/2nd floor of the Library.
    • We continue to reserve the right to ask anyone to leave the library if they are disturbing to others.  Cell phone conversations must be at a minimal disturbance to others.
    • Patrons needing a quiet area for study should be directed upstairs to the Library’s 3rd floor where no cell phones are allowed.
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  • Course Reserve Policies & Guidelines

    Course Reserves enable instructor placed materials be available to as many students as possible by setting short check out periods. These materials are placed under restricted circulation periods (e.g., hourly, overnight) and kept at the circulation desk.  Course reserve materials may include textbooks, articles, exams, library items, audio/visual, and other supplementary items. Available course reserves are listed in the Course Reserve area of the Voyager Online Catalog.
    Two course reserve items may be checked out at a time per patron.

    Patrons need to provide:
    1) Instructor’s name/course, (2) title of item, and (3) library card/number.

    Loan Periods

    • Hourly
    • Daily/Weekly/Semester
    • Overnight

    Course reserves loan periods are set by the instructor– not the library.  Patrons are informed of the return date/time in 3 ways:

    (1) Printed receipt

    (2) Sticker on the front of the item

    (3) Verbally by the circulation staff


    Course reserves may be renewed if there are additional copies of the items.  If a duplicate(s) is not available, there is a 30-minute waiting period before a patron may recheck an item out.

    Late Fines & Fees

    • Hourly loans: $.60 per hour for every hour the library is open.

      PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $5.00 Lost Item Process Fee)

    • Daily/Weekly/Semester loans: $8.40 per day for every day the library is open.
      PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $ Lost Item Process Fee)


    • Patrons who fail to return NON-OVERNIGHT items by the library’s closing time will lead to course reserve privileges being suspended.
    • Patrons who fail to return OVERNIGHT items by the designated due date will lead to course reserve privileges being suspended.

    Return of Course Reserves

    Course reserve materials should be returned to the Circulation Desk. Patrons must hand the material to a circulation staff member or place it in a return slot. If the library is closed, reserve materials may be placed in the book drop next to the library’s front door. (NOTE: Overdue charges may apply.) Do not place course reserve materials in the drive-up book drop, as they will be considered overdue.

    The library may disclose the identity of students (who fail to return course reserve materials) to the instructor who owns the materials in a joint effort to have the materials returned.

    Continued violation of course reserve policies will lead to further suspension of library privileges and possible referral to administration. 

    PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $5.00 Lost Item Process Fee)
    PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $5.00 Lost Item Process Fee)
    PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $5.00 Lost Item Process Fee)
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  • Display Policy

    The library strives to support MPC's Mission by exhibiting materials which highlight the library's varied collections, and items related to campus events, educational programs and classes. MPC students, faculty and staff may request to display materials through the Exhibit Displays page. Approvals are required and further questions may be directed to the Access Services & Outreach Librarian.
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  • Electronic Resource Access Policy

    The MPC Library subscribes to numerous electronic resources (journals, databases etc.), that are subject to license agreements. The publishers and distributors of these resources require compliance with the terms and conditions of use of these products and violations can jeopardize our ability to continue to provide them. 

    Access to these resources is limited to students, faculty, staff, and community users inside the library. Off-campus access to some resources is limited to current students, faculty, and staff.

    The following are strictly prohibited:

    • all commercial use,
    • copying or tampering with any software or code used to display and / or run the resources,
    • the systematic downloading, copying or distributing of information,
    • forwarding copies to non-authorized users,
    • removing or altering copyright notices. 

    Misuse of these resources violates the terms of the MPC Library’s license agreements and will result in the revocation of your access to them and potentially the termination of access to the entire campus community.

    Additional restrictions may apply.

  • Late Fees and Penalties


    Regular (non-reserve items)

    At 30 days past the due date:

    the cost of the item +$5.00 (nonrefundable) 

    Hourly reserve items

    $.60 per hour for every hour the library is open

    PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $5.00 Lost Item Process Fee)


    reserve items

    $8.40 per day for every day the library is open.

    PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $5.00 Lost Item Process Fee)

    Study Rooms:

    Keys*, whiteboard supplies, wireless keyboard equipment

    $.60 cents per hour every hour the library is open.

    PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $5.00 Lost Item Process Fee)

     *Lost study room keys are fined at $40.

    In addition, hourly reserve items are designated “overnight” or “non-overnight.”  Failure to return non-overnight items by the library's closing time or overnight items by the designated due date will result in reserve privileges being suspended.

    The library attempts to notify students of overdue course reserve material by mail, phone, and/or e-mail. Course reserve materials that are 30 days overdue are considered lost, and students who have lost items charged to their accounts will be billed the maximum overdue charge ($50.00). In addition:

    • The library reserves the right to disclose the identity of students who fail to return course reserve materials to the instructor who owns the materials in a joint effort to have the materials returned.
    • The library may place an additional hold on a student’s Admissions & Records account until the reserve materials are returned to the library.
    • Students who fail to return library-owned course reserve materials will be charged the replacement cost of the item plus the $50.00 overdue maximum.
    • Willfully withholding the return of course reserve materials is considered an abuse of library privileges, and the library reserves the right to suspend reserve privileges for students who repeatedly abuse them.
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  • Library Computer Use Policy

    In accordance with the Computer and Network Acceptable Use Agreement issued by the Monterey Peninsula College Technology Committee, all users are required to abide by the rules of the policy and use the system in an ethical and lawful manner.  Any abuse of these policies can result in the loss of computer and library privileges and may be subject to applicable criminal and civil penalties.

    When using the computers in the MPC Library, all users (students, staff, faculty, and community members) are required to follow the rules of this policy.

    Library computers are available to support and enhance the instructional goals of the library and the institution.  These goals  include, but are not limited to, the following:  MPC class assignments; scholarly research; teaching; lifelong learning; all other informational needs. MPC students, faculty, and staff use their Lobo Account for computer access. Community users may request a computer login account.

    • Computers are not to be used for games, chat rooms, or email if they do not support the instructional goals of the college.
    • No loading of any personal software is allowed. No additional software may be installed on library computers
    • Only college equipment may be connected to campus Ethernet ports.
    • Computer use time can be limited to accommodate all users.
    • Library computers cannot be used to store files. The library is not responsible for lost or unsaved files.
    • Application software is available but the primary use of these computers is for research.
    • Computer use in the classroom is reserved for library classes & instruction, workshops, or meetings with the approval of the librarian(s).
    • If a complaint of a violation of this policy is lodged against an individual, the individual by agreeing to this policy, grants permission for MPC administrators to access a log of the individual computer activities in order to evaluate the merit of the complaint for possible action.

              The MPC Library retains the right to revoke any computer use privileges if these policies are violated.
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  • MPC Library Card Policies

    You must have your library card number to borrow materials. We recommend you memorize your library barcode number, store it in a cell phone, or write it down and carry it with you, as the library staff will not look up your account or card number.

    • Library accounts and cards are non-transferable. Only you can use your library account. Do not share your library account or card number with anyone else.
    • Your library account is valid for one calendar year from the date of issuance. Student accounts will be automatically renewed upon re-enrollment. Community users must show proof of residency within the college's service area to renew accounts.
    • The library retains the right to revoke borrowing privileges and suspend computer and database access if rules are abused or library bills are not paid.

    If your library card is lost or stolen, you may purchase a replacement. The cost is calculated as follows:

    • 1st Replacement Card:             $1.00
    • 2nd Replacement Card:            $2.00
    • 3rd Replacement Card:             $3.00, etc.

    No Maximum

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  • Patron Behavior Code

    The following guidelines were developed to ensure an optimum environment conducive to study, research and collaboration.  Library staff is responsible for protecting library resources, equipment, materials, and grounds, and for ensuring the safety and comfort of patrons and staff.  This policy provides guidelines for governing patron behavior in the library and on library premises.

    Patrons are expected to respect the rights and personal space of others and not harass, annoy, engage in noisy or boisterous activities, stare, follow or engage in any behaviors with the intent to annoy or prohibit other patrons from being able to read, study, or use the library.

    Unacceptable behaviors are those behaviors that interfere with the use of the library by other patrons, create risk or injury to self or others, including library staff and the disruption of their work, or damage of library property. 

    If the security gate alarm is triggered when a patron exits the library, library staff is allowed to inspect  the patron’s personal belongings for library materials.

    The Monterey Peninsula College Catalog section under Student Rights and Responsibilities describes the general Standards of Conduct and the Administration of Discipline. Additional unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to the following:

    • Stealing, damaging or defacing of library materials or space, including changing settings of computers, copiers or printers, or stealing library materials
    • Creating excessive noise levels that disturb others
    • Exhibiting personal hygiene issues such as strong body odor or perfumes that are a nuisance to others.
    • Bringing animals into the library except trained service animals that assist persons with disabilities
    • Leaving or parking any wheeled vehicles inside the library or foyer
    • Failing to pay library fines
    • Disregarding opening and closing times
    • Violating library policies
    • Misusing the restrooms
    • Failing to wear shoes, shirt/top, and skirt/pants
    • Engaging in activities including, but not limited to, unwanted physical contact or indecent exposure

    Patrons are expected to comply with posted library signage. Staff will require anyone who engages in disruptive behavior to leave the building and, if necessary, will notify security staff and local authorities. Patrons who disregard a request from a staff member or security staff will be immediately reported to local law enforcement.

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  • Personal Belongings

    Library staff is not responsible for users’ personal belongings.  For security reasons, all library users should keep their personal belongings with them while in the library.  Unattended personal items are subject to removal and may be temporarily retained in the library's lost & found for 3 days, disposed of, or sent to campus security.  

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  • Printing and Photocopying

    Printing and photocopying are available in the LTC.


    Printing is done through MPC's cloud-based printing solution, Wēpa. There are two Wēpa print stations on the 2nd floor and one on the 3rd floor of the library.

    1. ADD money to your Wēpa Account in Lobo Apps (there is a $0.40 charge for transactions under $5 at the machines). Printing costs:
      • B&W (one-sided: $ .09/pg)
      • B&W (two-sided  $ .17/pg)
      • Color (one-sided: $ .35/pg)
      • Color (two-sided $ .50/pg)
    2. SEND print job from a campus computer or UPLOAD a document to your Wēpa account.
    3. LOGIN to any Wēpa print station to print your documents.


    • Photocopiers are available on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the library, black and white only:
      • $0.15 per page using cash or coin

    The library provides no refunds for print cash cards or photocopying.

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  • Study Room Policies

    The primary purpose of the study rooms provided by the MPC Library is to facilitate a quiet and conducive academic study environment for individual/group projects.  Use of the study rooms is restricted to MPC Library card holders. PRIORITY OF USE IS GIVEN TO STUDENTS. The following guidelines apply:

    • Study room keys must be checked out before occupancy.
    • Keys are checked out with a valid MPC Library card and returned to the circulation desk staff.
    • Personal digital devices may not be plugged into study room equipment.
    • Do not disconnect any cables from library computers.
    • No food or beverages allowed while using library equipment (computer, TV & DVD player).
    • During high demand hours, patrons will be limited to one (1) Daily Room Checkout OR one (1) advanced reservation only.  High demand hours are generally between 10-2pm daily, midterms and the 2 weeks before finals. Circulation staff will let patrons know when high demand hours occur.
    • Study room keys and related materials are due 15 minutes before closing time.
    • Study rooms are meant for group and individual academic use.
      • If a patron leaves a room for an extended period of time (30+ minutes), study room keys must be returned and checked-in so the room can be made available to other patrons.
      • If a room is left vacant for over 30 minutes, circulation staff will call security to have any materials left behind taken to lost and found.
    • Library Staff may occasionally enter a group room to work with equipment, or prepare for closing.
    • Clean white boards, turn off all equipment, place trash in receptacles, and lock door before vacating the study room.


    • Students can make reservations using the Library Study Room software in Lobo Apps.
    • Reservations can be made up to one week in advance.
    • Patrons are limited to one (1) advance reservation period per day.
    • An individual/group forfeits a reservation if they are 10 minutes late.
    • Specific room reservations are dependent upon availability of rooms.
    • MPC employees may reserve rooms 208 or 213 for two hours up to a week in advance by calling the library.
    • If multiple parties attempt to reserve a study room at the same time, priority will be given to reservation made in person.


    • The library may limit renewals during periods of high demand.
    • Renewals are permitted if the room is not reserved by other students.
    • Due to the library circulation software, study room keys/equipment need to be renewed in-person.  Patrons may bring the keys/equipment, receipt or barcode numbers to the circulation counter for renewal. 
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  • Using Wireless Devices in the MPC Library

    MPC provides wireless access as a free service. You may be able to access the Internet from your own wireless laptop, PDA or other device inside the MPC Library. Please note:

    • MPC wi-fi is NOT secure. We recommend you do not use wireless access to transmit personal data.
    • MPC is not responsible for any loss, damage or malfunction that may occur from use of the wireless access.

    Sometimes, you will find that even though there is a wireless network in the area, your device cannot recognize it. If you have problems, you may be able to find answers to questions at the manufacturer's support pages for your laptop, PDA or other device.

    Only college equipment may be connected to campus networks.

    NOTE: While we are pleased to provide this as a service, you must know how to use the wireless access for your device. Although we are happy to respond to basic questions about wireless access, library staff will not be able to provide in-depth technical assistance with your computer.
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