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Library Services & Policies

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  • Borrowing Materials

    • Current students, faculty, and staff who wish to borrow materials must get a library card. See Library Account.
    • By using library resources and facilities, library users agree to the Monterey Peninsula College Library Services & Policies.
    • Although rare, the library may recall an item before the due date when necessary.

    Item Loan Periods


    Audiobooks 3 2 week May be renewed 2x
    Books 5 on a subject 4 weeks (or, until the end of the semester for faculty) May be renewed 2x
    CDs 3, multiple item sets count as 1 CD 2 weeks May be renewed 2x
    Course Reserves Limits vary per course Instructor designates loan period Usually not renewable
    DVDs 3,  multiple item sets count as 1 DVD 2 weeks May be renewed 2x
    Reference Materials   Do Not Circulate  


    • Checked out material [except course reserves and Interlibrary Loans] may be renewed if no other patron has placed a hold on it.
    • Renew materials in person by phone 646-4095,or log into OneSearch to renew online.
    • Items cannot be renewed online or by phone if 30 days overdue.

    Returning Materials

    • Return library materials to the Circulation Desk book drop, or in the book drop located outside the main building doors.  During closed periods, return books to the book drop on the outside wall of the building by the entrance doors.
    • Book drops are conveniently located at the Circulation Desk, outside the main building doors and in Parking Lot J.
    • Course Reserves: Do not place course reserve materials in the drive-up book drop, as they will be considered overdue.

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  • Bulletin Board & Electronic Display

    Only materials that are generated by the MPC community or related groups, or government public documents are placed on the library bulletin board.  Approval for posting may be given by the librarian on duty or submitted to the Library Office Manager.  Digital files must be submitted/emailed to the Library Office Manager for consideration for posting to the electronic display.

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  • Course Reserves

    Instructor placed materials are available for shorter check out periods (ex. 1 hour, 2 hour, 1 day) at the Circulation Desk.  Course reserve materials include textbooks, articles, exams, library items, audio/visual, and other supplementary items. 

    Patrons should provide:

    1. Instructor’s name/course
    2. title of item
    3. library account information

    Course Reserves’ loan periods are set by the instructor– not the library.  Patrons are informed of the return date/time in 3 ways:

    1. Receipt
    2. Sticker on the front of the item
    3. Verbal by the circulation staff 

    Course reserves may be rechecked if there are additional copies of the items.  If a duplicate(s) is not available, there is a 30-minute waiting period before a patron may recheck an item out.

    In addition, hourly reserve items are designated “overnight” or “non-overnight.”  Failure to return non-overnight items by the library's closing time or overnight items by the designated due date will result in reserve privileges being suspended.

    Note: The library reserves the right to disclose the identity of students who fail to return course reserve materials to the instructor who owns the materials in a joint effort to have the materials returned.

    Placing Material on Course Reserves (Instructors)

    To place an item (e.g. textbooks, DVDs, lecture notes or library ebooks) on reserve, fill out the Reserves Form and either email it to, interdepartmental mail it, or print it and bring it while you drop off the physical item.  Processing can take up to 48 hours.

    For more information see the course reserve brochure

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  • Electronic Resource Access Policy

    The MPC Library subscribes to numerous electronic resources (journals, databases etc.), that are subject to license agreements. The publishers and distributors of these resources require compliance with the terms and conditions of use of these products and violations can jeopardize our ability to continue to provide them. 

    Access to these resources is limited to students, faculty, and staff. 

    The following are strictly prohibited:

    • all commercial use,
    • copying or tampering with any software or code used to display and / or run the resources,
    • the systematic downloading, copying or distributing of information,
    • forwarding copies to non-authorized users,
    • removing or altering copyright notices. 

    Misuse of these resources violates the terms of the MPC Library’s license agreements and will result in the revocation of your access to them and potentially the termination of access to the entire campus community.

    Additional restrictions may apply.

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  • Exhibit Area & Display Cases

    The library strives to support MPC's Mission by exhibiting materials which highlight the library's varied collections, and items related to campus events, educational programs and classes. MPC students, faculty and staff may request to display materials through the Exhibit Displays page. Approvals are required and further questions may be directed to the Access Services & Outreach Librarian.

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  • Food and Drink Policy

    • Food cannot be eaten while using library materials.
    • Food and drinks (except water) are not permitted while using library computers (including in the study rooms) or in the computer area located in the library’s open lab spaces and classrooms.
    • The library staff reserves the right to ask patrons to remove their food and drink from the library.

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  • Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

    • All ILL can be requested through an MPC reference librarian, who can help determine the availability of requested materials in local or other libraries.
    • Community users are referred to their local public library for any ILL.
    • If the library does not have the book, article or other information you need, materials may be borrowed from local libraries.  There is usually no charge, however, if the loaning library charges a fee, that fee is passed along to the patron. The patron will be informed of any costs before the ILL is generated.  Payment may be expected before the ILL is completed.  ILL requests are taken from our currently enrolled students, faculty and staff.
    • The library does not borrow or loan textbooks.
    • Materials that are borrowed from other libraries may have loaning limits (such as in library use only, or for a specific amount of time with no renewals).  MPC observes whatever borrowing limits are requested by the lending library. 
    • Patron may request to renew the loaned item before the due date. Renewal approval is not guaranteed by the lending library.
    • Materials borrowed through ILL may be picked up at the Circulation Desk.
    • Overdue notices will be sent to the patron if material is not returned by the date due.  A replacement fine will be added to a user’s account three weeks past the due date. The fine amount, including any damaged items, is either set by the lending library or is $25 plus a $5 processing fee per item lost.
    • Failure to return a borrowed item from another library may cause a revoke in ILL privileges.

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  • Late Fees and Penalties


    Regular (non-reserve items)

    At 30 days past the due date:

    the cost of the item +$5.00 (nonrefundable) 

    Hourly reserve items

    $.60 per hour for every hour the library is open

    PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $5.00 Lost Item Process Fee)


    reserve items

    $5 per day for every day the library is open.

    PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $5.00 Lost Item Process Fee)

    Study Rooms:

    Keys*, whiteboard supplies, wireless keyboard equipment

    $.60 cents per hour every hour the library is open.

    PER ITEM - ($50.00 MAX Overdue fine + Cost of Item + $5.00 Lost Item Process Fee)

     *Lost study room keys are fined at $40.

    Lost Items & Penalties

    • You are responsible for all borrowed items on your account.  Do not let others use your library account.
    • Items are considered lost when they are 30 days overdue.  Fine amounts are cost of the book plus a $5 processing fee per item lost.
    • The library staff make reasonable efforts to contact borrowers regarding lost items or fines. The library is not responsible for notices the borrower does not receive.
    • Students who fail to return library materials or owe $25 or more in late fees will have their student records blocked at Fiscal Services.  Students will not be able to get transcripts, re-register, or petition to graduate until their library account is cleared.
    • Any user with late fees or lost items over $10 may have their library and computer privileges blocked.
    • Outstanding library charges may be deducted from financial aid disbursements.
    • Library charges are non-refundable once they have been paid.
    • Account holders are responsible for knowing their account status and fine balance.

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  • Library Account

    • A valid library card or card number is needed when checking out material.
    • Library users are required to fill out an MPC Library Borrower Registration Application.  
    • For convenience, students may use their student id or number when their card is unavailable.
    • Library accounts and cards are non-transferable.
    • Users are responsible for all items borrowed in their account and can log in to their library account to view it.
    • Report a stolen or lost card immediately so the card number can be frozen.
    • Replacement cards may be purchased for $2.00.

    Library accounts are active for one year.  Student accounts will be automatically renewed upon re-enrollment.

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  • Library Computers

    • MPC students, faculty, and staff use their Lobo Account for computer access.
    • Library computers are available to support and enhance the instructional goals of the library and the institution including MPC class assignments; scholarly research; teaching; lifelong learning; all other informational needs.
    • All Library Computers have Adobe Acrobat DC,  Adobe Illustrator CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, AutoCAD 2018, BlueJ, Cisco Packet Tracer, Eureka, FreeMat, HTML editing software, IBM SPSS Statistics, Microsoft Office 2016,  Notepad++,  R-3.6.0 for Math 16,  Revit 2018, VLC media player, and Web Browsers Chrome, Firefox and Edge
    • Select Computers have specialized software:
      • MATLAB R2016b (Computers #LTC200-01 to LTC200-04)
      • Solid Works 2018 (Computers #LTC200-01 to LTC200-04) 
    • We recommend saving all files on your MPC's Google Drive or on a USB. The library's computers do not save files after a user signs out

    In accordance with the Computer and Network Acceptable Use Agreement issued by the Monterey Peninsula College Technology Committee, all users are required to abide by the rules of the policy and use the system in an ethical and lawful manner.  Any abuse of these policies can result in the loss of computer and library privileges and may be subject to applicable criminal and civil penalties.  The MPC Library retains the right to revoke any computer use privileges if these policies are violated.

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  • Library Instruction

    MPC Instructors may bring their classes to the library for customized sessions taught by a librarian, focusing on your specific research assignment. Each session typically includes a short lecture, demonstrations, research materials and hands-on time in the library classroom.

    Fill out this request form for a library instruction session. Requests should be made at least two weeks in advance.

    Research Guides: online guides provide information about a certain topic, subject, or class.  These guides include library materials, images, videos, and websites prepared by the MPC librarians. If you would like a librarian to produce one for your class, or on a specific topic contact Bill Easton.

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  • Meeting Rooms & Classrooms

    The Library & Technology Center has rooms to accommodate events, larger meetings, and single-session classes.  Rooms may not be used by groups or individuals for profit-making activities.  Only college equipment may be connected to campus networks.

    Sam Karas Room & Stutzman/Seminar Conference Room

    Sam Karas Room: 75 max. capacity; 14 tables and 65 chairs available for set up;

    Stutzman Room: 14 max. capacity

    MPC employees and groups may reserve either rooms through the Library Office Manager if the use is during normal hours of library operation.  Individuals or groups not affiliated with MPC and after library business hours reservations must be requested through the Facilities Office.

    Tech support and equipment must be requested through the “Tech Support” button within Lobo Apps at least 72 hours prior to event.

    Light refreshments may be served in this room.  The library does not have utensils or other serving supplies.  No open flames allowed.

    College Lounge

    The College Lounge, on the third floor of the LTC, is available for use by MPC employees during library open hours. After 5 p.m., employees may check out the key with their library account. The room includes 2 PCs, a printer, small refrigerator, microwave and coffee pot. The room opens onto a small deck. This room may not be reserved.

    Caroline Page Garden

    Contact the Facilities Office to reserve any outside space surrounding the library.


    Library classrooms 203/204 and 216 are primarily for library instruction by MPC Library faculty.  MPC faculty requesting library instruction for their class, see Library Instruction section.

    Library classrooms are equipped with computers for use by participants at sessions held in these rooms.

    To gain access to the classrooms, check out the key from the circulation desk using your library account. 

    Instructors must be in the classroom at all times with students.

    When the classrooms are not scheduled for library instruction, they may be requested by other MPC individuals and departments for single-session events.  Contact the Library Office Manager to make a request.

    Note: Your request may be cancelled in order to schedule a library instruction session.  We will make an effort to locate another room for you, and we will not cancel within 7 days of your event.

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  • Patron Behavior Code

    The following guidelines were developed to ensure an optimum environment conducive to study, research and collaboration.  Library staff is responsible for protecting library resources, equipment, materials, and grounds, and for ensuring the safety and comfort of patrons and staff.  This policy provides guidelines for governing patron behavior in the library and on library premises.

    Patrons are expected to respect the rights and personal space of others and not harass, annoy, engage in noisy or boisterous activities, stare, follow or engage in any behaviors with the intent to annoy or prohibit other patrons from being able to read, study, or use the library.

    Unacceptable behaviors are those behaviors that interfere with the use of the library by other patrons, create risk or injury to self or others, including library staff and the disruption of their work, or damage of library property.

    If the security gate alarm is triggered when a patron exits the library, library staff is allowed to inspect  the patron’s personal belongings for library materials.

    The Monterey Peninsula College Catalog section under Student Rights and Responsibilities describes the general Standards of Conduct and the Administration of Discipline. Additional unacceptable behaviors include but are not limited to the following:

    • Stealing, damaging or defacing of library materials or space, including changing settings of computers, copiers or printers, or stealing library materials
    • Creating excessive noise levels that disturb others. 
    • Talking or making noise on the quiet floor (3rd floor).
    • Exhibiting personal hygiene issues such as strong body odor or perfumes that are a nuisance to others.
    • Bringing animals into the library except trained service animals that assist persons with disabilities
    • Leaving or parking any wheeled vehicles inside the library or foyer
    • Failing to pay library fines
    • Disregarding opening and closing times
    • Violating library policies
    • Misusing the restrooms
    • Failing to wear shoes, shirt/top, and skirt/pants
    • Engaging in activities including, but not limited to, unwanted physical contact or indecent exposure

    Patrons are expected to comply with posted library signage. Staff will require anyone who engages in disruptive behavior to leave the building and, if necessary, will notify security staff and local authorities. Patrons who disregard a request from a staff member or security staff will be immediately reported to local law enforcement.

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  • Personal Belongings

    Library staff is not responsible for users’ personal belongings.  For security reasons, all library users should keep their personal belongings with them while in the library.  Unattended personal items are subject to removal and may be temporarily retained in the library's lost & found for 3 days, disposed of, or sent to campus security.

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  • Printing and Photocopying

    Printing and photocopying are available in the LTC.


    Printing is done through MPC's cloud-based printing solution, Wēpa. There are two Wēpa print stations on the 2nd floor and one on the 3rd floor of the library.

    1. ADD money to your Wēpa Account in Lobo Apps (there is a $0.40 charge for transactions under $5 at the machines). 
      • Printing costs:B&W (one-sided: $ .09/pg) 
      • B&W (two-sided  $ .17/pg)
      • Color (one-sided: $ .35/pg)
      • Color (two-sided $ .50/pg)
    2. SEND print job from a campus computer or UPLOAD a document to your Wēpa account.
    3. LOGIN to any Wēpa print station to print your documents.


    • Photocopiers are available on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the library, black and white only:
      • $0.15 per page using cash or coin

    The library provides no refunds for print cash cards or photocopying.

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  • Requesting New Material

    Fill-out the Library Materials Purchase Request form if you would like an item be added to our collection. Requests are reviewed weekly.

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  • Study Rooms

    Study rooms in the library facilitate a quiet and conducive academic study environment for student group and individual projects.  Rooms can be used for two hours and up to 15 minutes before the library closes.  Rooms are equipped with computers, televisions, DVD players and whiteboards.  Room 316 includes two PC computers, a scanner, and a webcam.

    • Study room keys can be checked out at the circ desk using your library account. Return keys to circulation desk staff.
    • Walk-ups are welcome on a first-come, first-served basis.
    • Personal devices may not be plugged into study room equipment.
    • Do not unplug library equipment.
    • Clean white boards, turn off all equipment, place trash in receptacles, lock and close the door before leaving the study room.
    • It may be possible to renew a study room or check out a different study room. Library staff may limit this during periods of high demand and when reserved by other patrons.
    • Renew keys and any room equipment in person at the circulation desk.  Bring keys and equipment with you.
    • MPC students may reserve a room up to one week in advance either at the circulation desk or through their Lobo Apps account by clicking on the “Library Study Rooms” app.  One reservation can be made in advance for each day.
    • When reserving in advance online, pending reservations are in orange and confirmed reservations are in blue.
    • Advanced reservations are held up to 10 minutes after the scheduled start time. 
    • If a checked out study room is left unattended for an extended period of time, security will be called to have any materials left behind taken to lost and found.
    • MPC employees may reserve rooms 208 or 213 for two hours up to a week in advance by calling the library.

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  • Wi-Fi in the Library

    Please note when using a personal device in the library:

    • MPC Wi-Fi is NOT encrypted. When using the wifi at the MPC Library, make sure to only transmit personal data when using a secure connection (HTTPS).
    • MPC is not responsible for any loss, damage or malfunction that may occur from use of the wireless access.

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