MCCSN does not offer at this time a specific LVN-to-RN program.  However, advanced placement into the second or third semester is offered to individual qualified candidates when space becomes available.

 LVNs seeking advanced placement must make an appointment with the Director, School of Nursing for individual counseling regarding their educational preparation and options, including the CCR 1429 30 Unit Option, which meets course requirements for licensure but does not confer an associate degree.  PSYC 25, NURS 100, NURS 52A and NURS 52B may be waived in completing degree requirements upon official transcript verification of corresponding coursework in the LVN program from a regionally accredited institution. 

The following are required for initial entry into the second or third semester of the nursing program:

  • An active application to the nursing program on file at the nursing office.
  • A copy of active California LVN license.
  • Evidence of one year of work experience as an LVN.
  • Completion of all program pre-requisite coursework with a grade of C or better, with the exception of PSYC 25 (Child and Adult Development) and NURS 100 (Pharmacology for Nursing).

Applicants who meet the above qualifications and who are interested in advanced placement should apply to the nursing program during the regular application period, and note their interest on the application.  In the event that there are more advanced placement applicants than anticipated seats, pre-requisite course grades and quality of work experience will be used to select candidates for standardized testing.

Applicants also have the option and are encouraged to apply as a “generic” first semester student for admission to MCCSN. However, as a first semester student, applicants must complete Pharmacology (NURS 100), and Child and Adult Development (PSYC 25). All first semester applicants (including LVNs) are selected using the multi-criterion selection process described on the MCCSN website.

The process described below is designed to assess knowledge of the content addressed in the first and second semesters of the nursing program so that applicants are placed in the advanced semester that is the best match. Upon completion of the steps, the applicant will be offered a seat in the appropriate semester at the first opportunity that space is available.  In the event that there are more successful applicants than seats available in the respective advanced semester, applicants must re-apply and the seat(s) will be offered in the order that applicants first qualified for the respective semester.

 First Step:  Standardized Testing

     The Nursing Acceleration Challenge Exams (NACE I) are one component of the total evaluation of selected individuals to      establish credit for prior learning and experience, and to assign the best fit for placement in the nursing program.                        Selected applicants are required to complete examinations of the content addressed in the first two semesters, including      Fundamentals/Foundations, Maternal-Child (Obstetrics), and nursing care of children (Pediatrics).

The score required to pass each component is listed below, and is based on the 2015 normed averages established by the National League for Nursing

NACE I Scoring thresholds to be invited for performance testing:  


To place into NURS 52B (second semester) must pass with:

To place into NURS 52C (third semester) must pass with:




Care during Childbearing



Care of the Child

Not Applicable


 Second Step:  Clinical Simulation Performance Evaluation(s)

Applicants are required to participate in an individual clinical simulation performance evaluation of the clinical skills involved in the courses for which competency has been demonstrated on the written examination. Applicants who successfully demonstrate the performance criteria for the Fundamentals/Obstetric simulation will be invited back to complete another clinical simulation performance evaluation for the Pediatric performance criteria on a separate date (if a passing score was achieved on the written exam for Pediatrics). 

Based on the results of this performance portion of the placement testing, the nursing faculty will develop an individualized preparation plan for each advanced placement applicant including but not limited to assigned lectures, labs or skills practice.

In some instances, the faculty may determine that the candidate is best suited for placement in the first semester. Should the candidate choose to enter at the first semester level, all admission criteria applicable to first semester students must be completed, and placement will be offered based on the multi-criterion selection process.

 Third Step:  ATI TEAS Testing

The Maurine Church Coburn School of Nursing (MCCSN) provides pre-admission screening and intervention for all selected applicants using the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills, (ATI TEAS). LVN advanced placement applicants will also take the exam once selected for a given semester. This computerized test assesses Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage.  A remediation plan will be developed by the Student Success Coordinator if the composite score is less than 62.  If remediation is necessary, the candidate may enter the program in the respective advanced semester once the plan is completed, if space is available.

 Fourth Step:  New Student Orientation and NURS 65 Role Transition Course

If space is anticipated in the immediately subsequent fall (for NURS 52C) semester, the applicant is required to attend new student orientation on the assigned date, and to complete the NURS 65 and NURS 65L Role Transition Courses with a grade of “C” or better during the summer prior to enrollment.  If best qualified for spring semester (for NURS 52B), the applicant is required to take the lecture portion of the Role Transition Course (NURS 65) in the summer, and the lab portion NURS 65L) in the early spring intersession (so that clinical agency requirements are current).

 If space is not anticipated in the immediately subsequent Fall or Spring semesters, the applicant will be considered qualified for the next available seat in the respective course, and will be notified when that seat becomes available. In that case, the applicant may take the NURS 65 lecture course in the summer, and defer the lab portion until the summer or early spring immediately preceding the until their respective second or third semester enrollment.

NOTE:   1)    There is no cost to the student for the testing process, regardless of the outcome.

                  2)   LVNs may pursue the 30-unit option for admission to the nursing program IF SPACE IS  AVAILABLE even if the                                                assessment  process places them in the first semester.

                 3)   The 30-unit option includes PHSO 1&2, BIOL 25&26, NURS 52C and NURS 52D (NURS 65L, NURS         

                         206 and NURS 207 strongly recommended but not required).

For individual counseling regarding LVN advanced placement into the MCCSN program, contact the Director, School of Nursing at 831-646-4258.