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 Prulhiere, Taylor Class of 2020

“To say MCCSN is a phenomenal nursing school would be an understatement. It's apparent that the faculty truly wish to see you succeed in your journey and will be there for you when the going gets tough. I am so grateful for the opportunities MCCSN has provided me and I am confident that I will be using the experiences and knowledge I’ve gained at the patients bedside for the rest of my career. Thank you MCCSN for providing me an exceptional education!”

~Taylor Prulhiere
Class of 2020

Note: The descriptions below are only a partial list of possible courses that are comparable to NURS 150 at Monterey Peninsula College. Please check with the respective institution about the availability of a particular course. Contact the Director School of Nursing at 831-646-4258 to request an evaluation about the equivalency of course not listed here.

Modesto Junior College:

NURSE 115—Introduction for Nursing Majors  ½ UNIT

Formerly listed as NURSE 115 - Guidance for Nursing Majors

 Acquaints students with the academic requirements and curriculum for the Associate Degree Nursing program. Students view the role and function of the nurse. Students analyze their educational

needs and goals and choose alternatives to enhance success through nursing education. Students will understand the curriculum requirements that pertain to them and begin to formulate an educational plan for an associate of science degree in nursing. The role of aptitudes, interests, values and skills will be addressed. Important aspects of nursing as an occupational choice will be covered along with information regarding the nursing profession. (P/NP Only) Lecture.

Transfer: CSU

Shasta College:

HEOC 100 Preparing For A Nursing Career 2 Units Class Hours: 36 Lecture total (when offered in the Distance Education format, hours will total 108)

 This course presents the role of the Associate Degree Nurse and the Vocational Nurse within various healthcare settings. Students will assess their own learning styles and compare their abilities to those required in nursing. Critical thinking skills will be introduced and applied to various scenarios using the knowledge base acquired from prerequisite courses and life experiences. Written, verbal, and math skills will be emphasized, along with exercises in examination, presentation, and interview skills. Learning resources, study strategies and stress management will be addressed to prepare the Associate Degree Nursing and Vocational Nursing candidate for the rigors of being a nursing student. This course may be offered in a distance learning format.

Monterey Peninsula College:

NURS 150 Nursing Program Readiness -  1.5 Units (1 unit lecture, 0.5 unit lab)

 This course introduces pre-nursing students and students considering health care occupations to the role of the registered nurse in modern health care environments. It is designed to prepare students seeking admission to a nursing program with strategies to facilitate acceptance. Topics include values exploration, inventory of personal readiness, detailed explanation of the school of nursing admissions process at MPC, and preparation for the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS).

Saddleback College:

N 204 Beginning Nursing Concepts (2 units)

 Introduces the health science student to the theoretical basis of nursing and healthcare, to provide a successful transition into the student nurse role. Students are provided opportunity to discuss the roles of the student nurse and the professional Registered Nurse. Emphasis is placed on the nursing role, including expectations of the nursing student, and on opportunities to begin to explore principles of critical thinking and the nursing process. Students are exposed to the history of nursing, dimensional analysis, medical terminology, communication, nutrition, cultural awareness, nursing informatics and current issues in nursing ethical and legal issues.

College of San Mateo:

NURS 666 Careers in Nursing (1.0 unit)  Pass/No Pass

 Provides and overview of nursing roles, educational requirements, responsibilities, job opportunities and settings for nursing practice. Designed for potential nursing majors and non-nursing majors. Students are required to attend both Saturday and Sunday classes.

DeAnza College:

NURS 50 Career Opportunities in Nursing (2.0 units)

Careers in the health field with emphasis on education and practice. Required for entry into DeAnza’s Registered Nursing Programs. Not required for LVN Transition to RN or Refresher Program for Registered Nurses.