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 Meagan Lagudas Class of 2020

“My time at MCCSN has been filled with learning, growth, and support. The faculty and staff support each student in their nursing journey and ensure that each student is set for success. I am filled with gratitude. Thank you MCCSN.” 

-Meagan Lagudas

Class of 2020

Program of Study: Courses in both general education and nursing provide the scope of knowledge required to assure the delivery of quality nursing care. The curriculum allows students an opportunity to apply nursing skills in a variety of healthcare settings including acute medical/surgical, pediatric, obstetric, geriatric, psychiatric, and community-based agencies. Students who successfully complete the program are eligible for the National Council Licensure Exam for Registered Nurses (NCLEX-RN). Graduates are awarded the Associate of Science degree with a nursing major.

Course Prerequisites: Intermediate algebra or a higher math course; college anatomy, physiology, microbiology, developmental psychology, pharmacology and English. (See Nursing Course of Study).
Students, who have met a prerequisite requirement through coursework completed at another college, or through testing or any other method, should verify equivalency with the Director of Nursing or the Nursing Program Counselor prior to applying. Official transcripts must be submitted upon application for all pre-requisite coursework taken at another college. All courses (except for NURS 100) must be completed once with letter grade of C or higher at the time of application. (Pass/Fail grades will be assigned the lowest pass grade designated by the granting institution's policy, and will be accepted only if the designated "pass" by the institution is at least a C).   

However, the following course repetitions may be in progress during the same fall semester that the student applies to the nursing program, provided there is evidence of a previous passing grade:

1. English 1A   (May use ENGL 1B or ENGL 2 to substitute for a higher grade for scoring, if there is also transcript evidence of a grade of C or higher in ENGL 1A).

2. Math 263 or higher, preferably Math 16 (the better Math grade can be used to substitute).

3. Anatomy lecture and/or lab (if the school allows them to be taken individually)

4. Physiology lecture and/or lab (if the school allows them to be taken individually)

5. Microbiology lecture and/or lab (if the school allows them to be taken individually)

6. Psychology 25 or an equivalent Lifespan Development class (if the Human Development class is not a Psychology class it must be accompanied by a Psychology class to meet the Board of Registered Nursing requirements)

7. Pharmacology for Nursing (NURS 100) is still required for Phase 1 scoring, but may be in progress during the Fall semester of the application.

NOTE:  Evidence of high school graduation or equivalent is required for applicants who do not have a previous associate degree or higher.  

Selection Process: Due to space limitations, completion of prerequisites does not guarantee admission to the program. MCCSN accepts 24-32 students into the first semester of the program every fall (depending on the status of grant funding). Consistent with Education Code 78261.5, student applications are scored, and then selected from the top 40% of the applicant pool using a multi-criterion selection process. The criteria include academic degrees or certificates, grade point average in relevant coursework, relevant work or volunteer experience, life experiences and special circumstances specifically listed, advanced coursework or proficiency in a language other than English. The second phase of scoring is based on the Test of Essential Academic Skills (ATI TEAS). MCCSN provides this test in the spring for selected applicants at no charge. Selected applicants who choose to submit an earlier version of TEAS already taken must submit all results from the past 2 years. The first passing result within the past two years from any TEAS exam is the result used for scoring. Repeats are accepted only if at least one year has passed from the date of the last exam. (See TEAS Advisement). A detailed explanation of the multi-criterion selection process is included on the Multicriterion Selection Scoring Worksheet.

The following may be in progress during the same fall semester that the student applies to the nursing program:

1. Completion of a BA/BS Degree

2. Completion of the 3rd semester or intermediate level foreign language

3. Repeated pre-requisite coursework (as described above)

4. NURS 150 Nursing Program Readiness 

5. NURS 100 Pharmacology for Nursing (see Course Prerequisite #7 above).

PLEASE NOTE that any applicant who is not enrolled on the first day of the fall semester for any reason (including alternate status or personal choice) must re-apply during the next application cycle if admission is desired for the following year. The multi-criterion selection process will again be applied to the subsequent applicant pool, which means that the competitive score could change (i.e. it could go up or down). Alternate numbers are assigned by score group to all applicants who passed TEAS in Phase 2, with the lowest numbers (called up first) assigned to the highest score groups. Applicants who held alternate status in previous cycles will be given priority for selection as space allows if they are in a top 40% score group in the pool to be admitted.

Application Period:   Online applications for entry FALL 2020 will be available in the nursing office from September 9th -September 30th, 2019.  Please note that even if you have a previous application on file, you must re-apply during the application period, and every year thereafter until you are admitted. 

Other Entry Requirements:  All students must comply with the health and safety requirements of the clinical facilities with which the school is affiliated. These include health screening, immunizations, BLS Healthcare Provider Certification, criminal background checks, drug screening, respiratory mask fit testing, and confidentiality agreement. Also required are two student orientation sessions held in May AND August prior to fall enrollment.  At the orientation sessions, these entry requirements will be discussed in detail, as well as the potential impact upon licensure of criminal convictions. Approximate program costs are a listed on the MCCSN website.

ADN-BSN Collaborative with CSU MontereyBay:

Students who are interested in preparing for the ADN-to-BSN Collaborative with CSU Monterey Bay can find the program of study at the CSUMB website 


For complete information regarding School of Nursing admissions and graduation requirements and process, contact the MPC Counseling Office for an appointment with the nursing program counselor at 831-646-4020, or with the Director, School of Nursing at 646-4258