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“MPC is a fantastic school with incredible faculty. I've had an excellent education and experience here since 2007 when I started taking classes. I proudly received an Associates of Science Degree in 2014 and an Associates Degree in Nursing in 2016. I highly recommend this school and all it has to offer students. I plan on continuing my education through advanced courses and continuing education courses here in order to further my career goals and successes in life.”

Michael Baldino
Major: Nursing
Class of 2016









What is the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) Requirement?

The Maurine Church Coburn School of Nursing (MCCSN) provides pre-admission screening and intervention using the ATI Test of Essential Academic Skills, (ATI TEAS). This computerized test assesses Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. More information is available on the vendor’s website: www.atitesting.com  


The test takes approximately 3.5 hours to complete.  Once selected, you will be asked to schedule your test with the Instructional Technology Specialist on designated dates.  You will need to create an account with ATI before your appointment, and log in ahead of time with your username and password to assure that you are registered properly.  You will need to bring your photo ID on the day of your test.   Textbooks and electronic devices are not permitted during the exam, but a calculator if desired will be provided for you.  Plan to arrive 15 minutes early.  You will receive detailed instructions by email once you have scheduled your test.


Why is it important? 

The TEAS result has demonstrated strong predictive value in the analysis of success factors over years of past MCCSN student cohorts. For this reason, the score will determine the number of points awarded for the Phase 2 criterion in the multi-criteria selection process (up to 30 points of the total 100 possible points).  The points will be added to the Phase 1 score, and then admission will be granted to the top 40% of applicants, along with enough TEAS passers from the Phase 2 group randomly selected to fill the class.


After applicants are scored in Phase 1 of the Multi-Criterion Selection Process, the top 40% (up to a maximum of 60 applicants) will be invited to Phase 2 to take the ATI TEAS test or to submit their official results if previously completed.


 Do I have to take the TEAS before I apply? 

No. Applicants are not required to submit a TEAS result prior to application.  However,  once selected, students who have previously opted to take the ATI TEAS at another location are asked to submit official results by going to www.atitesting.com online store and requesting  official ATI TEAS results be sent to MPC. There is a fee for this service, approximately $27.).


What if I do not achieve a proficient score?

The ATI TEAS is the most recent version as of August 2016, and will now be required of all applicants forwarded to Phase 2.


All TEAS scores resulted in the past two (2) years must be evaluated.  Any substandard composite score (less than 62%) will require remediation (See “TEAS Remediation” below).


When the school receives the results of any TEAS test it will state “TEST: 1 of 1, or 2 of 2, or 4 of 4”. Any student with a report that does not indicate “1 of 1” needs to provide evidence of those previous scores prior to the testing date at MCCSN, whether it was a passing or substandard score, and whether it was ATI TEAS or earlier version.


Applicants who do not achieve the minimum composite score of 62 must make an appointment with the Student Success Coordinator for remediation, and then re-apply the following year (unless the applicant can provide written evidence of a completed remediation plan from another college). The application will be scored again along with all applicants in the subsequent applicant pool.  The re-taken TEAS result will be considered only if the applicant scores in the top 40% of the subsequent year’s applicant pool for Phase 1.


NOTE: ONLY the following TEAS results will be considered for scoring in the multi-criterion selection process:

  • ATI TEAS #1 of 1 taken at MPC (applicants are selected to test after Phase 1 scoring)


  • The  first passing ATI TEAS result (62 or greater) taken elsewhere (will NOT accept re-takes taken within ONE (1) calendar year of a previous test unless the test version has changed. Re-takes will be accepted if one year has elapsed from last attempt).


  • First re-take following completion of the remediation plan approved by MCCSN TEAS Success Coordinator.

How to prepare for the ATI TEAS exam:

All applicants should thoroughly prepare for this proctored examination, as first time success also predicts success in the nursing program, and increase the overall multi-criterion score. Unprepared applicants have a significant chance of not scoring well on the first attempt!


Partial list of resources available for ATI TEAS preparation:  The MCCSN faculty does not endorse any particular study guide or method.

  • Online TEAS  practice tests and study guide for purchase on the ATI website  www.atitesting.com
  •  The TEAS Study Manual on reserve at  MPC campus library.
  •  TEAS workbooks for purchase at MPC bookstore.
  •  NURS 150 (Nursing Program Readiness, 1.5 units) offered at MPC  provides basic TEAS preparedness and other success strategies. Uses  ATI  Success  Package (Achieve online tutorial, Learning Strategies Workbook, TEAS Study Guide and Practice  Tests).
  •  Google free resources for math and science review:  Khan Academy, Education Portal (study.com)
  •  For grammar:  http://www.towson.edu/ows/index.asp 
  •  For math:  Keshwani Prep TEAS V on You Tube. Instructor takes student through math section in the ATI practice book
  •  McGraw Hill Education TEAS Practice test
  •  McGraw Hill TEAS Prep app is approx. $10 for Apple devices; Pocket Prep TEAS for Android devices
  •  You Tube search: Crash Course Science
  • Tyler Dewitt Chemistry  videos:  https://www.youtube.com/user/tdewitt451/videos
  • ATI TEAS 6 Youtube videos: over 5 hours of FREE  tutorials. 
    TEAS Review Video Tutorials by Mometrix
  • For purchase: Mometrix video tutorials:  http://www.mometrix.com/academy/teas-test/


TEAS Remediation:

Students who do not achieve the minimum composite score of 62 must meet with the TEAS Success Coordinator for an individualized remediation plan which will include one or more of the following. Remediation plans are generally designed to complete in one year:


  1.  Obtain a ATI TEAS study manual and online practice exams, and/or complete commercial tutorials as described above.
  2.  Complete assessment testing for placement into an English, Math, or ESL course. Student may make an appointment with a college counselor for further advisement regarding appropriate coursework based on testing if necessary.
  3.  Self-remediate in science with TEAS manual and review Chemistry, Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology notes.
  4.  Possible referral to supportive services on campus to determine if a learning assessment is warranted.
  5.   Retake ATI TEAS and achieve a score of at least 62% composite, when cleared by the TEAS Success Coordinator for re-take, according to the remediation plan.
  6.  LVNs who are applying for advanced placement may choose to take and pass the selected advanced placement exams in lieu of a ATI TEAS re-take.
  7.  Complete NURS 65 (Nursing Role Development) with a passing grade the summer prior to entering the program.

Contact the Director, School of Nursing for more information about TEAS remediation: 831-646-3025


TEAS Retake:

As stated above, re-takes will be accepted if one year has elapsed from last attempt.  However, applicants will be re-tested at MPC only if they are completing a remediation plan for a previous substandard score. Applicants may choose to re-take the TEAS on their own and submit for a better score as long as at least one year has elapsed between attempts.