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Welcome dual enrollment partners! 

MPC partners with K-12 schools in California to offer students in 6th grade or higher and at least 12 years of age a dual enrollment experience for many classes. Students are approved by their school and parents to take college classes offered online, at their middle or high school, and at one of our MPC campus locations. For more information related to the enrollment process for dual enrolled students, please visit our Dual Enrollment page. 

K-12 District Principal Specific Items:

1.) Principals may sign a Dual Enrollment form inherently. If a principal would like to authorize additional individuals to sign the forms in their stead, a Dual Enrollment Authorized School Designee form must be on file with Admission & Records (beginning with fall 2019). To see who your school's authorized designees are, please review our Dual Enrollment Authorizations lists:

MPC requires this form in accordance with the California Community College Chancellor's Office. The California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office strongly recommends in Legal Opinion 16-02 Dual Enrollment and Assembly Bill 288 (CCAP) that:

The principal of the school should provide community colleges with a list of his/her designated signatories so the community college can check K-12 pupil admissions and enrollment documents. Otherwise, a college has no way of knowing whether the person signing the document is authorized to do so. This documentation will be especially important in the event of an audit.  

2.) For principals whose schools are participating in AB 288 College & Career Access Pathway (CCAP) programs, please use the CCAP Records Request form to formally request final grade rosters for these courses, after the end of the course(s). 

For more K-12 district related questions, please contact the Admissions & Records Unit Office Manager, through the department phone number: 831.646.4002 or place a help desk ticket by emailing