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Class Waitlists

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In Summer 2018, MPC released a new class waitlist feature in WebReg that enables you to get in line to enroll in a class that is full. When/if a space becomes available before the class begins, the WebReg system notifies the student next in line that a seat is open. The class waitlist feature also serves as a ranked list of students for faculty to reference for dissemination of Add Codes after the class has begun. All courses (with the exception of restricted, combined/cross-listed sections and a few others) have class waitlists. Students can see if a course/section has a waitlist when looking at class details in WebReg. Below please find a few important details regarding MPC's waitlist option. For detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use waitlists, please see our Waitlist for Students documentation.

Here is How the Class Waitlist Feature Works:

  • If a class is full and has a waitlist, you will be allowed to add your name to this waitlist when you try to add the section from the Add/Drop/Register page.  
  • When a student drops from the class (prior to the first day of class), the first student on the waitlist will be given permission to register in their place.  If additional spaces become available, permissions will continue to be granted to other waitlist students, in order of their ranking.
  • Waitlist students who are granted permission to enroll in a class will be notified via email and will receive a notification on their Student Portal page, any student who has been "granted permission" will have 3 days to register for the class before their permission expires (as long as the class has not begun within that time-frame).
  • If a student does not register for the class within their 3-day "permission granted" time period, their permission will expire and permission will be granted to the next student on the waitlist.
  • Students can manage their waitlisted courses through a new menu option in WebReg listed as "Manage my Waitlist" which appears on the navigation menu on the left in WebReg.

Special Notes:

  • Students must have an email address in WebReg in order to add their name to a waitlist.  (You can check what your email address is in WebReg by clicking on the "Update your Email and Contact Information" link in the District Announcements area on your Student Portal Home page).
  • Class waitlists will "freeze" at midnightthe night before the class begins.  After the waitlist has frozen no new students will be able to add their names to the waitlist and all students must use an Add Code (given by the instructor) to enroll.

  • Waitlist students who had not been granted permissions to register for a course prior to the first day of class must remove their names from the waitlist in order to be able to register for the course.

  • A student's waitlist status (Permission Granted, Active, or Permission Expired) can be seen on the "Manage My Waitlist" screen in WebReg.