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Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) and California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) have partnered together to offer students Admission through Co-Enrollment (ACE). ACE is an extraordinary opportunity for students to take courses at both MPC Marina and CSUMB campuses to meet their education goals. Students earn an accredited bachelor’s degree from CSUMB at the conclusion of the program. Together, the distinguished institutions will prepare students with knowledge, skills, critical thinking, and a degree necessary to excel in today’s professional economy.

The ACE program is designed to provide more students the opportunity to earn a degree through non-traditional pathways. At this time, pathways are available for Business Administration and Marine Science. Students seeking these degrees will take a combination of courses at MPC Marina and CSUMB campuses for their first two years. Beginning their third year, all courses in the prescribed pathway are taken at CSUMB. Ideal ACE candidates are highly qualified, open-minded to new opportunities, and ready to pursue an academic career that sets them on the path to success. Students are welcomed to the ACE program by invitation, after CSUMB has completed the admission process for these impacted programs. 

Benefits of being an ACE student

  • Defined pathway from orientation to graduation
  • Work with a cohort of 30-40 peers who will act as a support network throughout the program
  • Opportunity to apply for on-campus housing at CSUMB
  • Access to free public transportation for quick and easy travel between the campuses
  • Eligible to receive financial aid
  • Potential to accelerate the graduation timeline by enrolling in courses during the summer and early spring courses
  • Enjoyment of student life on both campuses
  • Opportunities to participate with MPC Athletics or CSUMB Intramural/Club Sports
  • Full access to all student support services provided by MPC and CSUMB: tutoring & mentoring, student clubs and organizations, undergraduate research opportunities, service learning, disability resources, on-campus dining, on-campus health center, on-campus athletic facilities, and so much more!

Students are selected by special invitation from MPC and CSUMB Admissions. Application instructions are provided to qualified candidates via email.

For additional information, please email or call (831) 646-4282.

2018-19 ACE Important Dates and Deadlines


ACE Cohort 2 Information

MPC and CSUMB are excited to welcome our ACE Cohort 2 students for the 2018-19 year. Your Year 1 courses are listed below. As a reminder, all MPC classes are held at the Education Center at Marina, and your CSUMB course is held on the CSUMB campus.

Please check this webpage often for important information and program updates. For additional information, please email or call (831) 646-4282.

Marine Science Pathway - Year 1

Detailed class schedule for Cohort 2

Fall 2018  Spring 2019
 PERS 50 - Making College Count  MATH 20A - Calculus with Analytic Geometry I
 SPCH 3 - Interpersonal Communication  ARTH 1 - Art Appreciation
 MATH 13 - Pre-Calculus  ENGL 1A - College Composition
 CHEM 1A - Chemistry 1 Lecture and Lab (taken at CSUMB)  CHEM 1B - Chemistry II Lecture and Lab (taken at CSUMB)


Business Pathway - Year 1

Detailed class schedule for Cohort 2

 Fall 2018 Spring 2019
 ECON 2 - Macroeconomics  CSIS 1 - Computer Information Systems
 MATH 17 - Finite Math  ENGL 2 - Argumentative Writing and Critical Thinking
 ENGL 1A - College Composition  SPCH 1 - Public Speaking
 FYS 143 - Philosophy of Non-violence (taken at CSUMB)  BUSI 22 - Human Behavior/Leadership
   MATH 16 - Statistics (taken at CSUMB)