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This will allow you to view your student budget, awards and forms needed to complete your file. 

Please Do Not FAX or Scan/Email required financial aid forms.  This office accepts documentation submitted in-person or via U.S. Postal Service only.  No exceptions.

Student Financial Services at Monterey Peninsula College is committed to assisting students and their families to bridge the gap between their personal resources and the cost of attending college. We are ready to educate students, families and the community on understanding the steps involved in receiving financial assistance.

Don't have time to stand in line?  

Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday  08:00am-05:30pm  Friday 08:00am-02:00pm

Office Closures:

03-24-20 Closed for Office Training - 12:00 noon-5:30pm

03-25-20 Closed for Office Training - All Day

03-26-20 Closed for Office Training - 8:00am-1:00pm

05-25-20 Memorial Day 


Financial Aid FAFSA and California Dream Act Application Workshops

Financial Aid Workshop at Marina Education Center, Wednesday, February, 26, 2020 (2pm-6pm) No appointment necessary.  Click here for Flyer

Need help with your 2019-2020 or 2020-2021 FAFSA or California Dream Act Application?   We can assist you for any college, not just MPC.  Asistencia en espanol disponible.

Please contact this office to schedule an appointment for assistance in completing the FAFSA or the California Dream Act Application at (831) 646-4030 or  .

What to bring to the appointment:

  • Driver's License (if you have one)
  • Social Security Card Number (if you have one)
  • Alien Registration Number (if you have one)
  • Individual Taxpaper Identification Number (ITIN)-if you have one
  • Student's 2017 Federal Income Tax for 2019-2020
  • Student's 2018 Federal Income Tax for 2020-2021
  • Parent's 2017 Federal Income Tax for 2019-2020 (Dependent Students Only)
  • Parent's 2018 Federal Income Tax for 2020-2021 (Dependent Students Only)
  • Untaxed Income 2017 for 2019-2020 
  • Untaxed Income 2018 for 2020-2021


Important Dates for Fall/Spring 2019-2020

(Please note these dates apply to students who have already been awarded financial aid)

 Semester  Drop Dead Disbursement
 Major Disbursement
 Fall  August 7, 2019
 August 19, 2019
 Mid-Fall  October 16, 2019
 October 30, 2019
 January 5, 2020
 January 27, 2020
 April 1, 2020
 April 15, 2020