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Who is eligible?
Any high school student or adult school graduate who registers at MPC for the first time as a full time (12 units or more per semester) student. Students must also apply for financial aid through either the FAFSA or California Dream Act to qualify.

What costs are covered by the Monterey Peninsula College Promise?
The Monterey Peninsula College Promise covers the first year enrollment fees for 12 or more units ($46 per unit), for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019. Other term fees (student health, student body card, student center use fee, supplies, transportation, living expenses, etc..) are not covered.

Which schools are included in the Monterey Peninsula College Promise?
All high schools and adult schools within the Monterey Peninsula College are included.

Am I eligible for the Monterey Peninsula College Promise if I received college credit before graduating from high school?
Yes, as long as you did not attend any college after you graduated from high school.

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First Time Students, First Year Free!

Monterey Peninsula College (MPC) is excited to add the Monterey Peninsula College Promise to its repertoire of student support programs. The Monterey Peninsula College Promise will cover the enrollment fees ($46 per unit) for the first time, full-time students (12 units or more) for the 2018-19 academic year at MPC for qualifying students.

The Monterey Peninsula College Promise adds another vital tool to MPC’s toolbox of student support services.  With this program in place, individuals who graduated from a high school within our service district that meet the program criteria will be able to attend MPC without paying tuition fees their first year. The program is not limited by income, age or year of high school completion.

To be eligible, students must ...

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For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions or contact Student Financial Services at (831) 646-4030 or email us: financialaid@mpc.edu