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 Number of Units Enrolled in per Semester: Enrollment Status: 
 12+ Units  = Full Time
 9 to 11.5 Units  = 3/4 Time
 6 to 8.5 Units  = 1/2 Time
 Less than 6 Units  = Less than 1/2 Time
Financial aid calculations are based on the number of units in which a student is enrolled each semester/session.

  • Students are NOT required to be full-time students to receive financial aid.
  • Fall, spring and summer each use the same standard for grant, scholarship, loan, and work study funding.
  • Federal financial aid is not available for early Spring Semester, but units taken will be reflected on the spring semester disbursement.

Enrollment status is monitored twice each fall and spring semesters, and once during summer session.  The period of time in which enrollment status is checked is called a "drop dead date".  On this date Student Financial Services calculates the money that you will received in your financial aid disbursement.  Financial aid money will not be adjusted until the next disbursement. 

After the second "drop dead" date of each semester, financial aid awards will no longer be adjusted. The second "drop dead" date is also very important in registering for your classes.  Financial aid is based on the classes that you are actually attending.  If your classes begin after the second "drop dead" date, the class will not be considered in your financial aid enrollment status.