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The Monterey Peninsula College Athletic Program is proudly supported by the Lobos Booster Club.  Featuring outstanding men's and women's teams, the college offers intercollegiate baseball, football, golf, softball, tennis, volleyball, basketball, soccer and track and field. More than 225 student athletes participate each year.  In addition to demonstrating a high level of skill in their respective sports, these young men and women must maintain a full-time course load and good academic standing.  Acknowledging both the dedication that is required to be a student athlete and the tremendous value the athletic program brings to the local community, the Lobos Booster Club provides resources for critical program costs such as equipment, uniforms, and fess for competitions.  From the gridiron to the baseline, the backstop to the back nine, a Lobos Booster Club membership presents student athletes on all playing fields with an opportunity to succeed.

Training Leaders

"Monterey Peninsula College Athletics has been a student success program since 1949. Student athletes have a higher grade point average and transfer at a higher rate than non-athletes. MPC has produced an impressive list of  young men and women who have succeeded both athletically and academically.  Many of these former student athletes are leaders in our community and contribute to the peninsula's vitality.  It is my goal to see this tradition continue"

 - Lyndon Schutzler

Physical Education Division Chair & Athletic Director


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