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Academic Game Plan

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English & Study Skills 2

Game Plan:

Transfer Rules (NCAA, NAIA)

Tutoring (Math Learning Center, English & Study Skills Center)

Counselor for Athletes (LaRon Johnson)

Academic Time Line

Taking Responsibility

Immediate and Long Term Goals

Approach to College Courses

Time Management                                                                                                     English & Study Skills Center

LaRon Johnson

Semester Planning

Progress Reports

Study Hall

1 on 1 with Instructor / Coach

Parent - Coach Partnership

Placement (Individual Highlight Video: National Marketing)

MPC Academic Support:

Head Football Coach: (831-646-4238)

Academic – Athletic Counselor: LaRon Johnson (831-646-4026)

English / Math Assessment: Tracy Jones (831-646-4027)

English Tutoring Center: (831-646-4177)                                                                                                                                                                              Athletic Counselor: LaRon Johnson

Library - Technology Center: (831-646-4095)Math Learning Center 02

Business Skills Center

Math Learning Center: (831-645-1330)

Job Center: (831-646-4195)

Academic Support (Tutoring): (831-646-4176)

Learning Skills Program (Students with Disabilities): (831-646-4070)

Extended Opportunity Program & Services: Eric Ogata (831-646-4247)

Financial Aid: (831-646-4030)

Admissions & Records: (831-646-4002)                                                                         Math Learning Center

 LTC 2Library Interior

                                                                       Library & Technology Center








English & Study Skills Center