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Lobo Alumnus

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            Herm Edwards 

                                                                      Lobo Alumnus Herman Edwards

                                  Head Coach of the N.Y. Jets & Kansas City Cheifs - Current ESPN Pro Football Analyst


Lobo Football Honor Roll

Herman Edwards
Former Head Coach of Kansas City Chiefs; CCCAA Hall of Fame; Head Coach Arizona State University
David Fales     
QB - Chicago Bears; Miami Dolphins; San Jose State University
Terry Poole
OL - Seattle Seahawks; Miami Dolphins; San Diego State University
Maurice Mann
 2001 JC Athletic Bureau All-American. WR; University of Nevada, Cincinnati Bengals, Toronto Argonauts
Marcus Ford
 2005 & 2006 JC Grid Wire Academic All-American
Waskin Carter
 2003 & 2004 JC Grid wire Academic All American
Phil Shin
 2005 NCAA Academic All-American (University of Missouri, Rolla)
Antowian Vaughins
 2001 JC Grid Wire All-American Kick Returner
Joe Bomarito
 NFL Scout, New York Jets
Tom Craft
 Former Head Coach, San Diego State University
Chris Barnes
 RB - Baltimore Ravens
Nate Wright
 DB - Minnesota Vikings; California Community College Hall of Fame
ML Carter
 DB - KC Chiefs
Eric Richardson
 WR - Buffalo Bills (1st Round Pick)
Ron Johnson
 WR - Philadelphia Eagles
Claude Crabb
 DB - Pittsburg Steelers
Bashir Levingston
 WR - New York Giants
Bobby Johnson
 RB - Oakland Raiders
Harry Benjamin
 RB - All American
Herb Lusk
 RB - Philadelphia Eagles
Danny Holman
 QB - Pittsburg Steelers
Robert Holland
 RB - San Francisco 49ers
Luke Phillips
 Head Coach Monterey Peninsula College, California Community College HOF
Chris Pappas
 Head Coach Monterey Peninsula College, California Community College HOF