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How to Become a California Resident

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If you are a out-of-state student, follow these steps to become a California resident.

California residency requires that you have been physically present in California for one year and one day. To verify your presence, two documentations are required. Below are listed four of the documentations.

1. A current California drivers license or California Identification card .

To obtain you CA Drivers License or CA ID Card, click here to be directed to the California Department of Motor Vehicles webpage.

2. Register to vote in California. Make sure you print out the voter registration confirmation page and keep it for your records. You can use the form to prove residency to the MPC Admissions and Records department. Click here to be directed to California Voter Registration Page.

3. Establishing and maintaining an active California bank account by using bank statements or a letter of verification from your bank with a California address.

4. A California residential lease agreement with your name on the lease (must be dated one year and one day before the start of your second term).


If you have any questions, please contact head coach Mike Rasmussen at (831) 646-4238.