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2017 - 2018

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 Dalia-forwebDalia Elkhalifa

Major: Economics and Mathematics

Everything about being a Lobo Ambassador is exciting and highly rewarding. For starters, as an Ambassador, I am able to connect people to a place that has served me extremely well. In conducting campus tours, participating in campus events, and providing overall student support, I’m able to represent MPC to my community in a positive light. Being active on campus, and familiar with the students, staff, and faculty who make it the wonderful place that it is are all some of my favorite things about being an Ambassador here at MPC!



Drayton-forwebDrayton Doyle

Major: Psychology and Administration of Justice 

My favorite part of being a student at MPC is joining clubs. At MPC, we have clubs for any interest and they're a great way to find people with the same passions as you. Clubs are a great way to make new friends and it makes coming to school more fun! I love being a part of our Restorative Justice Club on campus where we discuss how to better our community through restorative justice practices and become trained mediators for our local Victim Offender Reconciliation Program.



Gracie Balistreri

Major: Theatre Arts

I wanted to become a Lobo Ambassador because I'm a natural tour guide and this school has such a beautiful campus! Ambassadors are always interacting with people and helping to make things a little easier. Having Lobos Ambassadors at MPC gives the school a true collegiate feeling. This opportunity has been everything I've hoped for, and through it, I feel I've added to the friendly and welcoming community of MPC. 




Guy-forwebGuy Hewitt

Major: Human Services

The most important thing I have learned at MPC is time management. As a Lobo Ambassador, I need to make sure I am managing my commitments to the best of my ability, such as scheduling the classes I need for graduation and balancing study time with outside personal activities. Having an effective class schedule can create a positive academic learning environment and a pleasant school semester.    




John-forwebJohn Mason

Major: Sociology

Both MPC and being a Lobo Ambassador has taught me about the ins and outs of college. By taking advantage of campus resources, I have been able to succeed academically. From being new and struggling to find a major, to now working on the transfer process to a University, MPC has shaped me as a student and shown me that there are always people willing to give a helping hand to students. MPC has taught me to value my education and also enjoy the journey of being a student. As a Lobo Ambassador, I learn skills that give me insight towards my career goal, and I hope to be that help for students like myself as a College Academic Advisor. 



Meechie-forwebMeechie Pierce

Major: Human Services and Sociology

When asked what my favorite club, program, or class is at MPC, I honestly cannot name just one.  As far as clubs, I have had the privilege of having memberships in different clubs, such as the BSU, Cru 4 Jesus, and I am currently the President of the Restorative Justice club. My favorite student support services offered at MPC are the Access Resource Center (ARC), Math Learning Center (MLC), and the English Study Skills Center (ESSC). Finally, I find being a Lobo Ambassador to be extremely rewarding as I lead campus tours and participate in college events to share helpful information, answer questions, and point folks in the right direction.