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Tyler Parker

"Getting involved in clubs or student government at MPC is the best way to meet new people and get the best experience out of community college."

Tyler Parker
Class of 2014

Monterey Peninsula College provides opportunities for students to become involved in student government, events, shared governance, and campus clubs.  Every Spring and Fall semesters, the Associated Students of Monterey Peninsula College (ASMPC) coordinate the Lobo Day Event, which is a day that introduces students to the various clubs, services and programs of the campus.  It is a fun filled event with free food and entertainment!

ASMPC is recognized by the Governing Board as the official representative organization for Monterey Peninsula College students.  Members of the Executive, Council and Judicial branches are elected for the period of one year; all other positions are appointed by the Student Government.  All elective positions require that the student be enrolled in five or more units and have at least a 2.00 GPA.

During regular Spring and Fall semesters, ASMPC meets weekly every Friday at 12:00 in the Costanoan room located in the Student Center.  All students are encouraged to attend at least one meeting because Student Government is an excellent opportunity to get involved with the decision-making operations of the college.  Students are invited to become members of standing committees of the college.  The college recognizes the importance and value to the local community as well as the institution, of providing a constructive avenue for students to have a voice and to develop individual leadership goals or techniques.