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Student Clubs

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Student clubs

Student Clubs

Student Organizations offer an excellent way to meet others, develop leadership skills, and become part of the experience that lay the foundation of our college and help fulfill its Vision.  By becoming involved, your time at MPC will become more meaningful, productive, and enjoyable, and you will enhance your learning outside of the classroom.

Open to all students of the MPC community, student organizations enrich our campus life through events, programs, activities, projects and service.  They fall into several categories including academic, community service, cultural, political/social action, recreation, religious, and sports.  MPC organizations are diverse and very active, so our campus offers countless ways to be involved!

Listed below are the current active clubs at MPC.  If you are interested in starting a club, please contact the Director of Organizations, Cody Arvidson or the Student Activities Coordinator, Julie Osborne for more information!

Asian Student Association

Description: Provides a platform for Asian and other interested students to continue their education.

Club Advisor: Tuyen Nguyen
Club Email:
Meeting Time: Wednesday's @12 pm / FC 101

Astronomy Club 

Description: The purpose of the Astronomy Club is to promote interest in amateur astronomy among students at MPC and to provide the opportunity for experience and enrichment in the field of astronomy and related space science. 

Club Advisor: Eric Hickok
Meeting Time: Monday's @1:30 pm / PS103

Black Student Union 

Description: To provide a cohesive union of black students, faculty and other black organizations and the community to facilitate educational opportunities. BSU exists to enhance cultural awareness, political awareness, social events, and provide support for the students and community. 

Club Advisor: Elroy Gardenhire 
Meeting times: Wednesday's @12 pm - Costanoan Room

Business and Entrepreneurship Club

Description: The Business and Entrepreneurship Club aims to serve a diverse range of MPC students from all majors, backgrounds, and disciplines seeking to engage in the topics of entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation in business, career education, and social causes by fostering a strong network of like-minded individuals. 

Club Advisor: Bruce Barrie
Meeting Time: TBD 

California Nursing Student Association

Description:  Provides a forum for all students interested in nursing education and programs.

Club Advisor: Sue Hanna
Meeting Time: Every other Tuesday 8 - 9 am

CRU 4 Jesus

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Description: The MPC Cru4Jesus club encourages friendship and support to all students who want to share and learn about God and the Bible. We seek to show and tell what Jesus has done in our lives, by serving at MPC as well as off-campus. We are non-denominational (everyone is welcome).

Club Advisor: Linda Kloth
Club Email Address:
Meeting times: Wednesday's @12 pm - Almaden Room

Dental Assisting Club

Club Advisor: Kari Grasmuck
Club Email Address:
Meeting times: TBD

Dreamers in Action

Description: Provides an outlet for our dreamer students at MPC.

Club Advisor: Yuliana Vasquez
Meeting times: 

Environmental Club

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Description: We participate in community events and promote environmental education on the MPC campus.  Come join us, and be part of the solution to clean up our world!

Club Advisor: Kevin Raskoff
Club Email Address:
Meeting times: TBD

Hospitality Club

Description: To promote and support students in the hospitality industry.

Club Advisor: Molly Jansen
Club Email Address:
Meeting times: TBD

Le Cercle Français

Description: The purpose of Le Cercle Français is to provide a safe, and fun environment for students to hear, speak, watch and practice contemporary and academically acceptable French.  The Club seeks to connect students with francophone culture and community, through interactive activities and cultural events that may relate to food, music, literature, the press, films and the arts.

Club Advisor: Lisa Danielle Gonzales
Club Email:

Meeting times: Every Thursday from 2:00-3:00 pm in HU 112 conference room..

National Society of Leadership & Success (Sigma Alpha Pi)

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Description: Provides leadership training and networking opportunities for students.

Club Advisor: Julie Osborne
Club Email Address:
Meeting times: Every other Friday @11:00 am in the Costanoan Room

Parent Advisory Club

Club Advisor: Cathy Nyznyk
Meeting Time: TBD

Pride Pack

Description: To bring awareness to MPC and the local community, to unify our local LGBTQIA+ community, to represent who we are, and to provide a safe space for MPC students.

Club Advisors: Adria Gerard, Natalie Galvan, & Scott Gunter
Club Email Address (for more information):
Meeting times:  TBD
Social Media Accounts:

Printmakers Club

Description: Increase visibility and appreciation of fine art printmaking.

Club Advisor: Evelyn Klein
Meeting times: 1st Friday of the month, 12 pm AS-107

Restorative Justice Club

Description: The club will be involved in planning, funding, and club activities for MPC students. 

Club Advisor: Stan Armstead
Meeting times: TBD

Veterans Club

Description: The purpose of the Veterans Club is to establish a cohesive union of veterans returning home after serving in the Armed Forces and to work together to create a bond as the reintegrate back into society. 

Club Advisor: Eileen Crutchfield
Meeting Time: Friday's @12 pm, Almaden Room