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As we start on the adventure of this semester, it is a good time to think about what will really help us do well in our classes. The following are some suggestions from former students, some counselors and college teachers:

  • Use a calendar to plan your semester. You have classes but you also have to schedule time for study (reading the text(s), writing papers or homework, preparing for exams, etc.). You may also have responsibilities to family and friends, a work schedule and still need time to eat, sleep, do laundry and keep yourself healthy.
  • Attend all your classes. At MPC teachers expect you to attend class. At each class teachers have planned discussions and activities which will assist you in learning and understanding the material. Additionally, the teacher may announce that the date for an exam has changed, or how many chapters the exam will cover will have changed.
  • Join or start a study group with students who are serious in doing well in the class. Remember everyone is learning, and everyone can learn from each other.
  • Get to know your teachers. You want your teacher to know who you are and to understand what your goals are here at MPC and beyond. All full-time MPC faculty have office hours. You can talk to all teachers before or after class, even just to set up a meeting. You can also get your teachers to know you by asking questions in class. This can be a little scary at first, but you will be surprised how much the teachers appreciate a student who asks a question that many students want to know about, but are afraid to ask.
  • Meet with your counselor to plan your education. Counselors are very busy right after registration starts and right before the semester begins. Once the semester has started, you will probably be able to get in to see your counselor in a day or two. They can help you plan your academic path and for your future.
  • Consider taking PERS 50 Making College Count. This class is transferable and helps students identify successful study strategies, learning styles, and time management--many things that will help in you in your current and future classes.
  • Use the MPC library and get to know our terrific MPC librarians. Getting the help you need to find resources for papers and to hone your academic skills is an important strategy for college success. In addition to teaching LIBR 50 INTRODUCTION TO INFORMATION COMPETENCY AND LITERACY (mandatory for MPC graduation), our librarians are extremely skilled researchers--and they like helping students.
  • Take advantage of MPC's tutoring services. On the bottom floor of the library is the ENGLISH STUDY SKILLS CENTER, which will assist you with writing your papers and THE READING CENTER which provides diagnosis of reading problems and support for overcoming those problems. MATH LEARNING CENTER has tutors to help with lower level Math classes (up to Math20A.) THE STEM CEL TUTORING CENTER provides a designated study space, free tutoring and more for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math students (levels 20A and above). Students who qualify for TRIO or EOPS (see below under Services for Students for more detail) also have access to tutors at the TRIO LEARNING CENTER, and students who have disabilities receive support directly from the ACCESS RESOURCE CENTER (again see below under Student Services for more information). Links for all these services are listed below under Services for Students.
  • Be sure to find out if you qualify for financial aid or scholarships. See the financial aid link under Services for Students for specific information. Many people qualify for financial aid and scholarships, but don't realize it. It is worth taking the time to check--it might mean you won't have to pay tuition, or have some money to buy books.
  • Join a club or participate in MPC Activities. Associated Students of Monterey Peninsula College (ASMPC) has a website and lots of opportunities for you to get involved with meaningful and fun activiites.

As you can see from this short list, there is a lot available to MPC students. Explore this website and connect with other students and your teachers to get the most out of your time at MPC.