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If students have a question for a counselor, they may be a candidate for the Ask a Counselor feature.

Questions should be brief and relate to academic advising issues only. Personal or career counseling issues are not appropriate for this feature. If questions are of a sensitive nature or require a lengthy response, we will request that you schedule an appointment.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with a counselor in person to develop an education plan and update it regularly. Also, regularly meeting with a counselor keeps students apprised of the program, general education, and policy changes that inevitably occur. This will ensure that students are taking the appropriate courses to reach their goal.

Please note that during the busy periods of the academic year and the summer months, students using Ask a Counselor may not receive a response in a timely manner. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours and your issue requires immediate attention, you should contact the Counseling Department at (831) 646-4020.

Students can use Ask a Counselor by logging into their WebReg account and selecting the option in the Quick Links section.