Each counselor is assigned an academic division and is the primary counselor for the majors associated with that division.  However, each counselor is cross-trained and can assist any student regardless of their program of study.


Focus Areas
Alethea DeSoto 

Counseling Division Chair
Carrie Ballard
Humanities, English as a Second Language
Susan Boes
  Career Technical Education
Chris Calima    General Counseling
Berta Carbajal    Veterans
Nayeli Figueroan    General Counseling
Elizabeth Gonzalez   Life Science, Career Technical Education
Victoria Gonzalez   General Counseling 
LaRon Johnson
Physical Education, Student-Athletes
Amber Kerchner 
  Early Childhood Education
Andrea Mann   Career Counseling
Layla Manor
International Students 
Jackie Stratton 
Dual Enrollment
Davina Walker   Business and Computer Technology

Carrie Craig

Lillian Gorham


General Counseling