The Counseling Department provides advising sheets listing the requirements for certificate of achievement and associate degree programs.  Certificate of training programs and their requirements are listed within the respective academic department's webpage.


Transfer Programs Advising Sheets

The transfer programs enable the student to complete the lower-division requirements in preparation for transfer to a baccalaureate-granting institution.  MPC courses parallel those offered to freshman and sophomore students at the University of California, California State University, and private colleges and universities.

New degrees effective FALL 2019
(Students are advised to consult with a counselor for education planning.)

Biology AS-T
Linguistics AA
Nutrition and Dietetics AS-T

Career Technical Program Advising Sheets

The career technical education programs offer the student basic technical and professional curricula to gain the skills and knowledge needed for employment, job advancement, certification, a certificate of achievement, and/or an associate degree.