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    Assistive Technology at the High Tech Center of MPC

    Alexis Copeland with student
    The High Tech Center (HTC) supports the instructional component of the Access Resource Center at MPC. The High Tech Center offers courses in two distinct labs/classrooms -the Adaptive Computer Technology (ACT) Lab and the Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) Lab. 

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    The ACT Lab has classes in word processing, computer applications, and math, as well as a drop-in lab for student-specific projects - all tailored to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Training in assistive computer technologies to enable students with a variety of types of disabilities to access computer programs is an integral function of the ACT Lab. In addition, the production of the alternate media materials for the campus is facilitated through the ACT Lab.

    The CAI Lab/Classroom offers a range of specialized classes and labs in basic skills, cognitive skills, and study skills development. These courses/labs support students with disabilities in two ways: 

    First, students have the opportunity to develop academic skills to enable them to be prepared for, and successful in, college-level courses. 

    Second, students explore and develop personalized strategies for learning, and they practice application of those strategies to coursework for other classes they are enrolled in. These labs facilitate learning and help students accommodate for any functional limitations related to a disability.