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CalWORKs - California Work Opportunities and Responsibility to Kids

New California law limits the length of time a person can be on public assistance.

You may have already been called by your caseworker for a welfare-to-work planning meeting. Read this brochure carefully. Keep it, and refer to it in the future. You have choices . . . and important decisions to make.

Are you going to take a job at minimum wage now or do you want to gain skills that will help in the future?

The smart choice is to develop skills NOW, while you still have benefits. Almost all CalWORKs clients are eligible for one year of approved job training, maybe more. Ask your CalWORKS Employment Service worker how much time you have. You won’t get this chance again, so get as much training as you can now. Training and moving up in the job market is the key to making a better life for yourself and your children.

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