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Success and Survival Tips

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1.Be an active learner in your classes

  • Do additional readings
  • Participate in classroom discussions
  • Summarize major points and information in your textbook and notes
  • Try to explain the material to someone else (another student or a friend)

2.Get to know your instructors

  • Discuss ideas for term papers and projects with instructors
  • Go see your instructor during office hours
  • Talk with instructors after class
  • Use instructors as a resource

3.Use the Library

  • Ask librarians for help finding materials
  • Prepare a working bibliography for a term paper or report
  • Use bibliographies and indexes to find journal articles and books

4.Improve your skills

  • Ask instructors help in expressing your ideas in writing
  • Use the Academic Support Center (tutoring)
  • Use the English Center and/or the Math Lab
  • Take classes to develop your reading and writing skills
  • Talk to your instructors about the comments they write on your papers
  • Write a rough draft of a paper and let others review it before you submit it to your instructor

5.Use Counselors

  • Talk to your counselor if you have any difficulties that affect your academic performance
  • Discuss educational and career options with your counselor
  • Meet with your counselor regularly (three times each semester)

6.Take advantage of support services available on campus

  • Use the Academic Support Center (tutoring)
  • Use the Computer Labs for typing your papers
  • Use the English Center and/or Math Lab
  • Use Supportive Services program if eligible

7.Get to know other students

  • Develop friendships with students whose ages, ethnic backgrounds and interests are different from your own
  • Form study groups with other students in your classes

8.Participate in cultural activities

  • Attend college sponsored activities (art exhibits, concerts, lectures and others)
  • Discuss art, music, and cultural events with other students
  • Join a club