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Health Insurance

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Each semester a student attends MPC, they will need to be covered by a medical insurance plan for international students. Students must maintain health insurance at all times. View the MPC International Student Health Insurance Brochure for detailed information regarding the health insurance plan. 

coverage dates and cost

Fall Semester: August 1 - January 31  ($764.40)

Spring Semester: February 1 - July 31 ($764.40) 

The insurance fee will be added to your WebReg account when you register for classes. This insurance is required and cannot be deferred.

purchasing other insurance

Students may purchase a health insurance policy other than the insurance provided by MPC. The outside insurance benefits must be comparable to what MPC provides for international students and you must follow the strict guidelines below in order for your insurance to be approved by the ISP Office.

  1. The health insurance must be a United States (US) based company. If it is a foreign insurance company, they must have an office in the US.

  2. A Health Insurance Affidavit must be completed and signed by the insurance agent working for the insurance company.

  3. The Health Insurance Affidavit must be presented to the ISP Office at least one week before you register for classes for approval.

  4. If you register prior to approval for your new insurance, you will automatically be paying for MPC insurance. If this is the case, you will either have to request a refund from the outside insurance or you will have two insurances.

students on OPT

As an international student who is participating in post‐completion Optional Practical Training (OPT), you are not required to have medical insurance. However, because of high healthcare costs in the United States, the ISP Office strongly encourages F‐1 students to make sure they always have adequate insurance coverage. We urge you to protect yourself financially by purchasing health insurance during your post‐completion period. A major illness or accident in the United States can be financially devastating if you do not have adequate coverage. If you have questions or would like further information, please consult the International Student Program Coordinator in the ISP Office.