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Student Testimonials

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student testimonials 

Nhan Huynh-Vietnam

Transferring to UC Santa Barbara in Fall 2013

Hyunh, Nhan
"I am a Vietnamese international student and it has always been a great pleasure to be a part of the excellent International Student Program here at MPC.  I have been making lots of great friends and have so many beautiful memories about the American culture.  Academically, MPC provides students with a professional and bright educational environment where you can get individual attention from the instructors and at the same time develop teamworking skills.  I know I can count on the help from the school faculty whose attitudes are always enthusiastic, positive, and warm hearted.  I would never regret choosing MPC as my academic institution outside of my mother country to pursue my dream as being an actuary.  Hence, I hope all future international students will have wonderful moments while studying at MPC.  I wish you all success in pursuing your dreams." 




Thao Vuong Le-Vietnam

Transferring to UC Irvine in Fall 2013

Le, Thao
"I really enjoy studying at MPC because all of my professors and my American friends are very caring, helpful, and friendly here.  I am getting ready to start a new experience studying Chemical Engineering at UC Irvine.  I am happy that MPC International Student Programs has given me a foundation of success to take with me wherever I go from here."