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About the Program:

Q: What is TRIO?

A: TRIO is a federally-funded educational support program designed to foster academic success for students traditionally disadvantaged due to unfamiliarity with post-secondary education and to economic constraints.  At MPC, three academic programs operate within the TRIO "umbrella": Upward Bound, Math/Science Upward Bound, and Student Support Services.

Q: What is Student Support Services?

A: Of the three programs mentioned above, Student Support Services (SSS) is the educational support program that specifically serves undergraduate college students.  Here at MPC, that means SSS serves our community college students (not high school students). 

Q: Where are your offices located?

A: The TRIO (Math/Science Upward Bound, Student Support Services, Upward Bound) main office is located on the 2nd floor of the Student Services Building on the upper end of MPC's campus.  The TRIO Learning Center is adjacent to the Student Services Building and adjacent to MPC's Student Center.

Q: How do you support the students in your program?

A: Keep browsing our web pages for all the details about our supportive services!


Participating in SSS:

Q: What are the main eligibility criteria to participate in SSS?

A: Our program is designed to support full-time college students who are first-generation college students (neither parent/guardian possesses a Bachelor's Degree)  and/or  low-income AND who intend to graduate from MPC then transfer to complete undergraduate studies at the 4-year-college level.

Q: In terms of eligibility for SSS, does age matter?

A: No--age doesn't matter! Our participants are of all ages and come straight from high school or from years of work and life experience beyond college (commonly called "re-entry" students.)

Q: Aren't you the same program as EOPS in Student Services?

A: No. We affiliate with EOPS often, but we are two different programs with different missions, funding sources, and eligibility requirements. Some SSS students simultaneously participate in EOPS, but these are two completely separate programs.

Q: I am a less-than-full-time student. Can I still join SSS?

A: The expectation is that our students maintain full-time enrollment (a minimum of 12 units) in order to graduate and transfer within a timely manner. Students can be admitted into the program for less than full-time status on a case by case scenario. 

Q: I am a full-time student, but I don't want to transfer.  Can I join SSS?

A: Unfortunately, no. Our program serves students seek to earn the Associate's degree followed by a transfer to a 4-year college in pursuit of a bachelor's (or higher) degree.  Our mission and our federal grant require that we support students who intend to transfer.

Q:  Is there a waiting list to sign up?

A: Yes, there is currently a waiting list to join SSS. To get started, please stop by our TRIO main office (2nd floor of Student Services Bldg) or contact our office at 831.646.4246.

Q: Does SSS offer trips to tour 4-year-university campuses?

A: Once a semester we offer opportunities for our students to visit a four-year institution to expose students to the various systems (i.e. UC, CSU, Private).

Q: If I participate in SSS, do I have to complete a FAFSA and apply for MPC Scholarships?

A: Absolutely.  Both are requirements for SSS participants, and both are important means toward financing your college education and reaching your career goals.  Our staff are trained to assist you with completing the FAFSA and MPC/STARS Scholarship applications.


Other Popular Questions:

Q: I'm not a participant in SSS, but I need subject-area tutoring and a place to study. Can I use the TRIO Learning Center?

A: Unfortunately, no.  Our limited resources must be used in service of our program mission and our current program participants.

Q: When can I use the TRIO Learning Center (TLC)?

A: During each semester, eligible SSS and EOPS participants (must be referred by EOPS Counselor) may use the TLC Monday-Thursday, 9am - 2pm; & Friday 9am - 1pm.  Outside of those hours, the TLC is used by our pre-college TRIO programs (Math/Science Upward Bound & Upward Bound), and is not available for use by non-MPC TRIO students.

Q: What other academic support resources are on campus?

A: Whether you are an SSS participant or not, MPC students seeking additional language/writing resources may contact the English & Study Skills Center located on the 1st floor of the Library Technology Center (phone 831-646-4177) for more information.

Students seeking math support may visit the Math Learning Center located at BMC 103 (phone: 831-645-1330) for more information.

Students seeking STEM-related tutoring support may contact the ENGR Department office located at BMC 202B (phone 831-646-1327) for more information.

Students seeking help with assistive technology and adaptive technology to help with learning differences or disabilities may consult with the Access Resource Center located on the 1st floor of the Student Services Building in STS 115 (phone 831-646-4070) for more information.