LGBTQIA+ Information and Training Resources

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LGBTQIA+ Handouts

SafeZone Training: 

Monterey Peninsula College LGBTQIA+ Safe Zone Program aims to increase awareness of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA) communities on campus, to support the college’s efforts to promote an accepting, supportive, and diverse learning environment, and to create a welcoming and tolerant environment for all members of the campus community. 

To learn more about Safe Zone at MPC contact

Kognito Training:

In an effort to increase education on campus in support of LGBTQIA+ student populations, MPC has purchased an online training package that is open and available to all faculty, staff and students at MPC. 

LGBTQS2.1_1024x1024LGBTQ on Campus for Students by Kognito is a 30-minute online, interactive training simulation that assists institutions of higher education in creating a safe and supportive campus community by 1) increasing awareness and empathy for the challenges faced by LGBTQ students, and 2) building the skills of students to connect and communicate with respect. 

LGBTQ on Campus for Faculty & Staff by Kognito is a 30-minute online, interactive learning experience that assists institutions of higher education in creating a safe and supportive campus community by 1) increasing awareness and empathy for the challenges faced by LGBTQ students, and 2) building the skills of faculty and staff to model respectful behavior, including managing classroom discussions that may include bias comments or attitudes or handling an LGBTQ-related issue.

Students, faculty and staff who complete the training will know how to:

  • Respond when someone makes a biased comment or expresses prejudice
  • Respond with support when a peer comes out as LGBTQ
  • Recognize warning signs of psychological distress, including suicidal ideation
  • Connect peers who may be in distress with campus support services

To create an account to access this training simulation, please see these instructions. If you have any questions or need additional support please contact Student Health Services at MPC.


Suggested Syllabus Verbiage for Faculty:

MPC is an open campus offering services and programs to all members of our community, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexuality, political view or any of the other personal differences, choices and philosophies that make us a diverse and vibrant community of learners. As such, your experience in this course should be welcoming, inclusive, and productive in a manner that celebrates our common aspirations, as well as the many differences that define us as individuals. Should you anticipate or encounter any instances or circumstances that concern you in this regard, or that leave you feeling marginalized, disrespected or mistreated as a member of the class, please bring these to my attention immediately. Success is our common goal, and it is something we can accomplish only when we all work together as an eager and accepting learning community.

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Staff and Faculty: Click here for additional LGBTQIA+ training resources (MPC login required).