Student Complaint & Grievance Procedures

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The student is encouraged to pursue academic studies and other College-sponsored activities that will promote intellectual growth and personal development. In pursuing these ends, the student should be free of unfair and improper action by any member of the academic community. Procedures for grievances and complaints are described below and provide a means for resolving any alleged unfair or improper action.


Students with the specific kinds of complaints listed below shall direct these complaints to the appropriate College official:

Residence Determination

  • Contact the Registrar at the Admissions and Records Office; final appeal may be made to the Dean of Student Services.

Dismissal from College for Academic Reasons

  • Consult a counselor.
  • If there are extenuating circumstances, the student may appeal the dismissal to the Academic Council after consulting a counselor.

Discrimination Complaints

  • Students and staff at Monterey Peninsula College shall report any alleged act of discrimination within ten working days to the Supervisor or Administrator in charge of the area where it occurred. For further information, contact the Human Resources Office at (831) 646-4014.
  • Students wishing to file complaints based upon discrimination on the basis of sex, ethnic group, age, or marital status should contact the Associate Dean of Human Resources at (831) 646-4014. Students who wish to file a grievance under Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act should contact the Vice President of Student Services at (831) 646-4190. Students who wish to file a grievance based upon discrimination related to HIV Positive status/AIDS should contact Student Health Services, (831) 646-4017.


Reasons for Grievance

  • A grade, when the student contends that the determination of the grade involved a mistake (such as calculation or entry error), fraud, bad faith, or incompetence. (According to the Education Code, an instructor’s grade is final in the absence of mistake, fraud, bad faith, or incompetence.);
  • Act or threat of intimidation or harassment;
  • Act or threat of physical aggression;
  • Arbitrary action or imposition of sanctions without proper regard to academic due process specified in College
  • Violation of student rights which are described in College rules and regulations.

Initiating a Grievance

A student shall initiate a grievance as follows:

  • Shall confer with the faculty member, administrator or classified person directly involved in the grievance, except in instances where the student contends that he/she has been subject to an act of intimidation, harassment, or physical aggression by the person directly involved in the grievance. In those cases, the student may proceed to step b (conferring with the direct supervisor of the person directly involved with the grievance).
  • Shall confer with the supervisor of that person if not satisfied at the first step.

Appeal to Committee

If the student believes still that the issue has not been resolved satisfactorily at these levels, the student shall submit a written statement specifying the time(s), place(s), and nature of the grievance to the Chairperson of the Grievance Committee, who shall arrange for a meeting of the Grievance Committee to consider the grievance (consult the Vice President of Student Services for the name of the Chair). The Chairperson shall refer all written grievances to the Grievance Committee which shall conduct a formal hearing within a reasonable period of time on the charge(s), in no case later than 30 days. For further information regarding the grievance procedure, contact the office of the Vice President of Student Services.