Choosing a Major

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Choosing Your Major/ Finding a Career
  • Career Counseling
    MPC students are encouraged to enroll in Personal Development 71: Foundations of Career Choice. Course includes self-assessments, exploration, decision making, college and career planning and goal setting. Usually offered on a 2 day Saturday format as well as during school day.
  • California Career Cafe
    This site supported by California community colleges to help students discover who they are and who they want to be. This is first step: Take these self-assessments to: Identify your strengths, talents and passions. Define and match your personality to careers. Capitalize on your learning style. Focus on your goals.
    Career information for parents, students, educators and job seekers
  • Exploring Majors @ CSU and UC
    This site helps you explore majors offered at UC and CSU campuses. It provides several paths you can take to learn about specific majors, requirements for majors, major preparation at community colleges, and transferring courses to the University of California or California State University. You can also see complete list of majors offered at each campus.
  • Missing Majors
    An online interactive video that helps you assess your interests, locate resources, overcome obstacles and evaluate your best choices.
  • Planning your Future (from UC Berkeley)
    This robust website at UC Berkeley provides valuable information for any student on all the "pieces" involved in choosing a major, career and/or continued education.
  • What is a Career A Pathway?
    this brief video covers the process of finding a major or career path and the importance for college students to select a major as soon as possible. Provided by Cabrillo College
What Can I Do With A Major In...?