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Patient Bill of Rights

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 Student Health Services Patient Bill of Rights


  • Reasonable access to care and reasonable response to requests made of your health care provider
  • Information in a language or method you can understand
  • Sufficient information about your illness, any proposed treatment or procedure, and the prospects for recovery so you can actively participate in making decisions about medical care and give your informed consent to receive that care
  • Protection from all forms of abuse and harassment
  • Know the name of the physician/health care provider who will see you
  • Confidentiality and privacy at all times related to all aspects of your care and your medical record
  • Refuse care or treatment even against the advice of your health care provider
  • Safe, quality care based on medical community standards and necessity
  • Information concerning continuing health care needs following treatment/appointment
  • Access to your medical record within a reasonable time frame when accompanied by a signed medical release form
  • Access to child or adult protective services