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Required Components of SEA

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Orientation is required for all new students. Orientation provides students with important information that will help them to navigate college life at Monterey Peninsula College. You will learn about the campus, your student portal, student services that are readily available, and student rights and responsibilities.

Orientation can be completed through WebReg. Log in and choose "Online Orientation" from the "Quick Links" menu. Orientation can also be completed in a group setting. Available dates can be found on the Orientation Webpage. Appointments can be made through WebReg. Log in and choose "Orientation & Schedule Building Appointments" from the "Quick Links" menu. 


Assessment and Placement

Assessment and placement is required for all new students.  Placement for English and math courses occurs as a result of answers submitted on the Application for Admission and use of the Guided Self-Placement tools.  Placement for English as a Second Language occurs through completion of the English as a Second Language Placement Test.  The ENSL Placement Test assesses Reading, Listening, and Writing skills and helps to determine which courses are most appropriate for you to enroll in as a new student.

English and math placement recommendations are emailed to within five minutes of completing the application for admission and immediately upon completion of the Guided Self-Placement tools.

English as a Second Language assessments are offered on a walk-in basis with no appointment necessary.  Dates are available at the Assessment Calendar.


Develop an Education Plan

New students need to either visit a counselor to create their Education Plan or attend a Schedule Building Workshop to work with a counselor and develop an Education Plan.

Counselor appointments can be made  by contacting the Counseling Department Office at (831) 646-4261 or online through your WebReg Student Portal. Log in and choose "General Counseling Appointment" from the "Quick Links" menu.  Online counseling appointments are also available for reviews or updates to an education plan.

Schedule Building Workshop appointments can also be made through WebReg Student Portal. Log in and choose "Orientation & Schedule Building Workshop Appointments", choose "Schedule Building & Ed Planning from the selection screen, and pick an appropriate time. Available times can be found on the Orientation Webpage