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2017-2019 Integrated Plan Development Timeline

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In Fall 2016, the Chancellor's Office notified the colleges that they were developing an integrated plan for the Basic Skills Initiative, the Student Equity program, and the Student Success and Support Program.  Because of this, neither of the programs were required to update their plans during the 2016-2017 academic year.

In February 2017, the Chancellor's Office released the Integrated Budget Plan and the Integrated BSI/SE/SSSP Plan template.  They also conducted an Integrated Planning Webinar in March 2017 and began offering a series of professional development workshops, in partnership with the IEPI, on the integrated plan to offer guidance and direction to the colleges.

The timeline of the development of the Monterey Peninsula College Integrated BSI/SE/SSSP Plan was as follows:

  1. February 2017: Release of the Integrated Budget Plan and the Integrated BSI/SE/SSSP Plan templates.
  2. March 2017: Basic Skills Committee and Student Success Committee members attend the Chancellor's Office's Integrated Planning webinar.
  3. May 2017: The Dean of Student Services, Monterey and the Director of Student Success and Equity attend an IEPI BSI/SE/SSSP Integration Workshop and meet with the BSI Coordinator (Dean of Instruction) and the Dean's Assistant to discuss and map out a plan for the development of MPC's Integrated Plan.
  4. June, July, August 2017:  Summer workgroup writing sessions.  Questions were assigned to relevant departments and programs for input and drafting.  Additional input was collected from the Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness.
  5. September 2017:  The Basic Skills Committee and the Student Success Committee review and finalize the draft of the plan.
  6. October 2017: Participatory governance and other relevant campus committees review the plan.  First review of the plan by the Governing Board. Continue editing and revising based upon input from these committees.
  7. November 2017: Present the plan draft to the President's Advisory Group and Academic Senate.
  8. December 2017: Present the final plan draft to the Academic Senate and the Governing Board for Approval.
  9. January 2018: Submit the plan to the Chancellor's Office by December 15, 2017.