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Activate your Lobo Account (email and network)

Press Enter to show all options, press Tab go to next option

MPC is proud to provide students with a Lobo Account (network account and official MPC email address) and access to many online tools & resources through Lobo Apps (featuring Google Apps for Education)! Your account will be available for use within 6 hours of registering for your first class, but it must be activated by you before you can use it.

All official MPC communications will be conducted through your assigned MPC Student Email Account and other Google Apps may be used for classes you take at MPC.

Here's how to activate your Lobo Account!

new nav2

  • For Username enter, your first initial, + your last name, + last 4 numbers of your Student ID. (If you have a hyphenated name, please use your name as it appears on your registration sheet, removing any hyphens.)

Student ID # = 123456789
Name = New Student
User name = nstudent6789

  • If you have never created an MPC password before, enter this temporary one,  A1*, + first 4 letters of your last name in lower case, + last 4 numbers of your Student ID #.   (Note that the “A” is a capital letter.)

    Temp. Password = A1*stud6789

    ** Special Note: If you had already created a password in our old system you will use the password you created and not the temporary one shown above (temporary password is for brand new users only!)
  • Click Log in

Lobo Apps Log in
(Lobo Apps Log In window)

  • If you have never activated your account you will be prompted to change your password. Your new password must be at least 8 characters.

(Change your password)

Once your password has been changed, your account will be considered "active" and you can then access your MPC Google mail and other Lobo Apps.

Note: Your email address will be First Initial + Last Name + Last 4 Numbers of your Student (same as your Username)

  • Example:


Using Lobo Apps

Once you have updated your password you will be taken to the Lobo Apps dashboard.  This page will serve as a launch page to many of the applications used and supported by MPC. At the top of the page you will be prompted to set a security question and enroll in Account Recovery (so you can reset your password on your own, if you ever forget it.) 

We suggest you go ahead and do these 2 things the first time you log in so this prompt on this page goes away.


Setting a Security Question

  • Click on the active link next to the prompt to set your security question.  This brings you to a new webpage where you can create your own question and save your answer. Remember to choose a question that has a specific answer and will be easy for you to remember (an example is provided below.)
  • Click the "Save" button to save your question and answer in the system, you will see a green check on this page confirming you have completed this step when you are done.



Enrolling in Account Recovery

After you have set your security question don't forget to enroll in account recovery.  Account Recovery allows you to reset your password, if you have forgotten it, without having to ask for assistance from IT.

  • Click on the active link next to the prompt to enroll in account recovery.  This brings you to a new webpage where you will enter a phone number where you can receive text messages.
  • Enter your cell phone number and click the button to "validate" your number.


  • Very quickly you should receive a text message on your cell phone with a confirmation code.
  • Open the text message to retrieve the confirmation code you received and enter that Clear Login confirmation code in the field provided on this confirmation page.


  • Once your number has been validated you will be taken a confirmation page that will display your current account recovery phone number and a green check verifying this step has been completed.



Accessing your new email account!

Once you have completed the steps above (activating your network account, setting your security question and enrolling in account recovery) you can return to the Lobo Apps dashboard to access your MPC tools, websites and applications. 

  • Click the dot grid to return to the main dashboard page




If you find you have a problem with your account that cannot be resolved using the instructions found on this page, please email for assistance. Please include your Student ID number when emailing for assistance.

*Students who choose to forward their MPC email to a private, unofficial email address (e.g.,,, etc.) do so at their own risk. MPC is not responsible for any difficulties that may occur in the proper or timely transmission or access of e-mail forwarded to any unofficial e-mail address.