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Monterey Peninsula College allows students in grades 6-12, who are at least 12 years of age, to enroll in advanced scholastic college courses numbered 1-199. Enrollment is limited to less than 12.0 units per semester (Fall/Spring) or one academic course and one activity course during the summer session. Students may also participate in College & Career Access Pathway (CCAP) courses through their local high schools. CCAP enrollment is limited to no more than 15.0 units (4 courses) per semester (Fall/Spring). 

Dual enrollment is granted with written approval from the school principal and parent/legal guardian prior to registering. Dual enrollment for 6-8th grade students need additional approval from the MPC Dean of Student Services.


Dual Enrollment Steps

Please follow these steps. Contact Admissions & Records if you have additional questions:

  1. Fill out an application online. Within 30 minutes, you should receive a student ID number by email. You will need to re-apply each term/session for which you plan to attend.
    Note: students 12 years of age must fill out a paper application form due to internet privacy laws. You can pick this form up in Admissions & Records.

  2. Fill out a Dual Enrollment Form. The form must be signed by your parent/legal guardian and a school principal, and must include the courses that were approved. For students in grades 6-8, the MPC Dean of Student Services must also sign the form (Please call (831) 645-1377 for an appointment).
    • Effective fall 2019, dual enrollment forms must be signed by either the principal or an authorized designee. Please check the link below to see who at your school may sign the form:
    • You must complete assessment tests before registering for math and English courses. See the Assessment Center webpage for more information.
    • In addition, complete prerequisite clearance through the Counseling Office, if applicable.

  3. Submit the completed Dual Enrollment Form (and a paper application, if age 12) to the Admissions & Records Office for authorization.

  4. Obtain an add code from your instructor, if necessary.

  5. Log in to WebReg and add your course(s).

  6. Double check and print your schedule to verify that you have completed the enrollment process.